Speak up

Why do you hide behind that smile?
Speak up about the pain you hide
I see its shadow lingering in your eyes
So why do we have to play this game
Where you pretend to be someone
Who has a perfect hold on his life

What is that scares you so much?
Speak up about the truth and fears
Don’t let judgment of people turn
You in to another sheep in the crowd
Don’t compromise on who you are
Nothing is better than being yourself

Why do hold back the anger and pain?
Speak up about being betrayed
Scream and curse if you need to
But stop biting your tongue, swallowing
Honest words and slowly becoming
Hollow and trapped in an unwanted life

What will it take to be freely yourself?
Speak up about everything that matters
To you for this time will not come back
As you forcefully try to be someone else
Believe the people who believe in you
Stand and speak, for they support you


51 thoughts on “Speak up

  1. Had encountered something today that made me realized that not everyone can speak about their pain, sorrows and fears, however, one should vent it out, so that it doesn’t haunt us for our entire life.

    There should be someone to listen too, no? Although speaking to self is what we can do, the truth that nobody is there to listen is not easily accepted.

    Well, I don’t know, but I cannot get this reality out of my mind. I want to believe in the words I have just read. I just hope that everyone have a person by their side who can listen when they pour their hearts out about everything.

    Oh yes, that being yourself is the most important part.

    Maybe, I am high today with thoughts , and do not quite know if there are people who would really believe our weirdest side.

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    1. Love, I understand the point you’re making and I agree with you totally. It’s not necessary that everybody has to speak up for whatsoever reasons, people hold back but what’s important is though to vent. Vent it out, use the ranting space, a pair of ears around. Just don’t keep it inside.

      Before someone sits to listen to you, of-course you should be hearing your words. And you have me to hear the rants, and I honestly mean it. I’d love to hear whatever you have to say.
      *love & hugs*

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  2. Lol everytime i speak up i get arrested, if people.must know why i stay smiling and still a little pissed! Haha everything actually is fine in my life i know how to vent

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  3. Lol everytime i speak up i get arrested, if people.must know why i stay smiling and still a little pissed! Haha everything actually is fine in my life i know how to vent

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  4. I’ve always believed in ‘speaking up’. I am sure we all confide in somebody and let it all out because it can get quite wild if we don’t but some things are better unheard of. We are scared even to confess them to ourselves. Ignorance is bliss — just sometimes.

    Thank you for writing this brilliant poem and for speaking up and telling us how simple it is (in reality).

    Much love,

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    1. oh yes there are always things we are so scared of sharing even to talk them out to ourselves but if issues can be resolved by putting them on the table, even if they hurt, then they are better on the table 🙂
      Much love

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  5. This is great. People do need to speak about what is causing them pain. I think the most convincing part of your poem is where you say “….this time will not come back”. So true. Why suffer in silence rather than fix it. You can’t get the months and years back. Beautiful….Cheers =)

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    1. Yes, we waste so much of ourselves and our time looking for perfect situations, perfect timings, perfect places and then it’s too late. For me, communication has always has been the key to fix things 🙂
      Thanks Chris.

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    1. OMG! Again??! I read this like 3 times xD :$
      haha sorry, I’m just ..wow. I’m truly humbled, honored and well at loss of words with all these awards.
      Thank-you so much Kirsty, this really means a lot, I will definitely be replying to this soon 🙂
      Much love

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      1. Haha :p I was the same too! The fact its a mix of two awards is even more amazing 😀 your writing is gorgeous, I even make my boyfriend read them and he thinks they’re great, and he doesn’t even like reading ingredients on a tin!
        Looking forward to seeing the post 😀

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  6. It is behind the mask I become most honest.. Spring allergies explain the red, watery eyes. But the pain and darkness has been earned one tick of the clock at a time.

    Few can help, fewer still can see. Is it weakness to forget what you could say? When panic rises when trying to decide what to do. When people look at you and know you know what to do, you have done it a hundred times. You have only to lift a finger and point. “Make it so.” and yet, you cannot, you are frozen in your mind and soul.

    Instead your choices become irrational and you rationalize that everything is against you (Captain Queeg Syndrome). Even if you recognize it, there is nothing to do but to close the doors and turn off the lights as you leave.

    The noose is just outside if you want to hang around, feel free to take advantage of it.

    I haven’t yet used the noose, I just walk in the rain. In the rain no one can tell when you cry and I will never admit when things are at their worst.

    And then I am worse, for then, I am just a pitiful whiner.

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  7. When you have learned to live with what happened in the past; never bring it up again. Barely survived at the time. Time does not heal wounds; forgetting does. To bring those wounds up 20+ years later. They are so raw. You destroyed the happiness I managed to find. Now, I shall teach you my pain. You could not leave sleeping dogs sleeping. What will you do when you watch your spouse and three children murdered before your eyes, hurry, hurry you must attend this gala wedding. Oh, we just killed the groom…..and his triplets.

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