Best Things in Life

Your hunger for money grows
Keeps you running in the rat race
As you search for something better
Bigger bank accounts to show off
Your big cars taking over the roads
Yet you remain perpetually restless
There is never any peace in your eyes
Swallowing blue pills to sleep every
Night, as the silent monsters scream
It’s a living nightmare of plastic life
Not all is rainbows and sunshine
Didn’t anybody ever tell you that
Best things in life aren’t things?
Happiness doesn’t exist in objects
Hug of a loved one on a tiring day
Can make the world feel lighter
An hour spent with an old friend
The genuine smile in their eyes
Brings the peace you crave inside
A kiss from your mom as you visit
She chides you for not showing up
Lovingly offers you baked cookies
Makes you realize someone’s there
And that cup of tea you share with
Her on the roof on summer nights
Under the starlight sky and breeze
Is where the true happiness hides
So hold on to these people with life
For they are your ray of sunshine

33 thoughts on “Best Things in Life

  1. You are a gem, B! I am sure we all know that money is not happiness but I wonder if we ever pay heed to that thought.

    Being away from home, I know how these little things feel like. The warmest hug of a mother after months which you wish would last an eternity, the tears of a father which he tries to resist back after watching his daughter in a long time when in his mind he had never thought she’d go that away,the fun filled nights with siblings, the prayers of grandparents and much more are all the best things that are apparently free. I just hope we all know the worth of time and if it’s too late to realize that time is cruel then we are left with only regrets.

    Thank you for this wonderful post.


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    1. Agreed, Naima. We all know these things yet we lose way, it’s easy to do so in this life we lead where plastic seems to be winning over everything. Sigh, thought I’d do a little reality check on myself so wrote this lol
      I’m sure it must be difficult for you and you’re really brave, your family must be proud of you.
      Love & Hugs

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      1. We all need that ‘reality check’ because sometimes we lose ourselves so much in the world that we forget to prioritize the important stuff in our life.
        I hope they are proud of me and if they aren’t (as yet), I hope to make them proud.
        Much love,

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  2. Hello B! I see that the word is out. A little money we do need, to keep in touch with friends and family, To pay for services like health care, and stock our panties with healthy fare. Too much money seems to lead to greed, and avarice, and motives beyond the family form, and “normal” cannot be the norm….. but I digress, my comment was intended to wish for you happiness, and a good nights sleep after a long day! Take care B !

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  3. This is a truth that we often neglect. Earning just the money to keep yourself happy puts you in delusion, because that is never the case. I share the same feeling as you have described of a mother’s hug.
    Also, when you die you would take the happiness that you earned or gave, not a single penny!

    Well written, my friend! 🙂

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  4. Well portrayed, felt emotions supressed.
    I used to or candidly still look from the inside of my car upon a couple just managing life, yet they are so happy, cheerful, and in love.
    Love at times makes the difference between being happy and n happy being.

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  5. Didn’t anybody ever tell you that
    “Best things in life aren’t things? SO SO TRUE
    ….where true happiness hides….”
    Reminds me of a poem to my late dad, on the vanity of wealth thanking him for the values he instilled in me. Going to fish it out. Thanks for sharing this.

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