In this hustle bustle of life
Slow down a little to feel
All the things you ignore
As you rush through it all

Stop to see with your heart
The hope in the eyes of your
Child who you just gave a pat
He wants to make you proud
But you never have time and
He falls asleep each night
Waiting for his dad to be home

Did you listen with your mind
The unsaid words she pushed
Down her throat as you quickly
Gulped down your breakfast
Trying to be not late to work as
She waits for the birthday wish
She knows you always forget

Have you tried to smell the tears
Your agingΒ mother quietly hides
Or you just find her old fashioned
Ignoring the voice telling you to
Stop hurting her before it’s too late
Making you wish you were a better
Son who was there for his mom

You can touch with your smile
The life of those children who
You generously donate to for
Better business image and profits
But have no time to even visit
And see those little children who
Just want to hug and thank-you

Look up and taste the air around you
Reminding you of fragility of life
As it holds blood of innocents and
Cries of the silenced victims who
Never got a chance to live their lives
The air holds finality of last moments
For countless souls whose time was up

So be thankful for the life as it may not
Be there tomorrow, so embrace and
Feel while you can for life isn’t eternal
Don’t wait till all you have is regrets


33 thoughts on “Senses

  1. I love this! I think that having a healthy awareness of the brevity of life opens the door to wisdom. At the very least, we might stop taking so many precious things/people for granted, and appreciate each moment and each breath more fully.

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      1. Yep. People would probably be happier too, if we slowed down. It seems like life just gets more and more crazy and hectic as society develops. We’re all about productivity, which isn’t necessarily a good thing when we lose sight of what’s really important.

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      2. The focus is so much on the end result that the path, the people, everything and anything in between doesn’t matter. It’s all about have set specific objective goals and achieving it, everything else is just means to get there.


  2. Thank you for liking β€œPomegranate Blossoms.” Another wonderful poem! πŸ™‚ We do take things for granted in our busy lives. Making a living is important, but making time for loved ones is too. Like the saying goes, tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. I realized that when my mother died unexpectedly ten years ago.

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