Road to Recovery

The road to recovery is long
Still somewhere in between
Trying to make sense of life
The past still lingers around
A shadow of doubt settles in
Your eyes wanting answers
Wishing to move on freely
Put one step forward at a time
These lingering thoughts will
Fade slowly like background
Noise that you will learn to
Accept as you move towards
The future with doubtful hope
Listen to that calling and learn
To believe in it no matter how
Difficult it may seem as the
Road was never meant to be
Easy so be brave knowing
The demon calls you back in
The dark place and you may
Stumble and fall but as long
As you don’t turn back and let
Go of hope, peace will find you
Hold on to that glimmer you saw
In yourself for it holds answers
You search for in the darkness


44 thoughts on “Road to Recovery

  1. That is a great and beautifully worded explanation of recovery. I think a lot about the push and pull between those lingering thoughts fading vs. the demons calling us back. But you’re right in that all we can do is to hope and hold on. Recovery is more of a process than an event and takes time. You say it so much more nicely than me, though! Cheers

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  2. Hi B, I saw somewhere around here your answers to questions as part of accepting a blog award. One of they delighted me so much that I’ve been hunting and hunting for it. You said something about wishing you could respond to, How are you, and you said you said you wished you could say, Very Sylvia Plath (forgive me if I’ve paraphrased badly). That *slayed* me. You rock the house šŸ™‚

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      1. Yup. She and Sexton are my major influences. So beyond their time, and I’m so grateful to them. And you. xo

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  3. We always get to the point where we want to be : whether it’s darkness or light. I have always believed it’s always in our hands to pave the direction of our way. A very thought provoking poetry and very well written.


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  4. Great depiction. =) Healing is hard, and requires work. Thanks for the reminder that even if the darkness pulls you back sometimes, it’s not the end. We must keep persevering!

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  5. Well sometimes our destiny takes us where – there nothing seems to be fine.
    We act like a coward.
    Everything is ended.
    No life, No peace.
    Even the sunshine stabs us.

    But after all,
    Your road of recovery is there.
    It takes time.
    Even a month or year(s)

    Nice. You explained that recovery very well.
    I salute you..

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  6. So lovely, B. Made be breathe a sigh of relief. And gave me a bit more courage (at least for this moment) and comfort as I make my way. Thank you xo.

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