Picture Perfect

She makes you wish
You could have her life
That sharp pitch laughter
The glittering eyes that
Hold the world like it’s
The key to wonders you
Could only wish to touch
Her smile lights up the
Surrounding like hope in
The darkest alleys of life
But sometimes when you
Sit down with her and look
Into her eyes they remind
You of a history lesson
That felt unreal enough to
Make you uneasy and you
Want to dig deeper to find
Out the real story that hides
In those eyes but she looks
Away too quickly each time
Shutting you out to a place
From where her life looks as
If its a master piece of an
Artist’s life time of work
An enigma you try to know
Picture perfect‘ is all that
Comes to mind watching her
While desperately wanting
To tear off the layers in her
Smile to know the real her


22 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. Couldn’t be more true! You get to know someone completely only after that layer is removed with love and trust. However, I still feel that some still left to discover, no?
    I really enjoyed it! ❤


  2. I liked this poem a lot because it reminds me of people that I have come across where as you say, you know there’s something beneath their exterior. Great job! Descriptions are wonderful!


  3. A lot of people are hiding behind a mask. We all like to put our best face forward, when really it’s much more interesting to see the real person behind all that. Still, sometimes it’s just safer to hide. =p

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