In Depth

I find myself struggling
Each day to not drown
In the depth of the cold
That beats within me

The voice sounds distant
An echo oneday and next
Silent protest pulling me
In a void growing inside

It is the constant struggle
To be who I’m not within
Some days aren’t worth it
Nobody seems to be real

As life gets tougher around
The winters turn the blood
From red to blue taking over
The veins spreading chills

But didn’t I ever tell you?
I have always enjoyed the cold
The numbing of the fingers
The chattering of the soul

Feelings freezing with cold
Hope’s shallow breathing and
A smile forever lost in the mask
You missed by walking away


29 thoughts on “In Depth

  1. So very beautiful. I understand people not being real–I feel the same way. It is so comforting to find this WP community–people who really have something worthwhile to talk about, to express, to take a chance to be themselves. I enjoy your writing so much. I like who you are, even though I’ve only known you through your writing. Please be you. I have struggled with that all my life-being repeatedly told not to be who I am. This year, I decided, no more. I don’t know what that means, or how my journey will look like. My prayers have only been answered by the words “Move toward the love, and away from the indifference.” So that’s what I’m doing. And I give myself permission to be the wild horse I always was.
    God bless you, dear.

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    1. Hi Kai,

      Thank-you for such loving words πŸ™‚ this truly means a-lot, when people across globe connect through words and well reach out, understanding each other other and their dilemmas.

      I don’t plan to change, I can’t even if my life depended on it lol, I’m malfunctioned that way πŸ™‚ I’m terribly-honestly myself. I’m so glad to hear that you will be doing the same, there is nothing more beautiful than a person being themselves completely and wholly ❀

      Blessings and Love

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  2. It is the constant struggle
    To be who I’m not within
    The beauty of your blog is that it’s proof that you’ve not lost the person within. That person is your muse.

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  3. It is the constant struggle
    To be who I’m not within
    Some days aren’t worth it
    Nobody seems to be real- You took the words right out of my mind!

    You worded it so beautifully, B. Be strong, okay? I love you. (I realized its been a while I didn’t say it)

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