They’re again making fun of you
Their laughter bounces of wall
You try to turn walk away but
Are rudely thrown in the middle
They surround you like vultures
The closest one calls you a loser
Reminding you of your school
Another one joyfully points out
How lonely you are trapped within
You shut your eyes and ears tightly
Begging and pleading them to stop
They push harder enjoying the pain
Memories of childhood assault you
Tears trickle down your face but
All of them refuse to leave you alone
Your cries fall short on deaf ears
“Stop! Be strong and control them”
A voice screams inside your head
“Don’t be a prisoner to your thoughts
It shakes you up from the inside
“Fight back, don’t listen to the voices”
Failure the one nearest to you lashes
You wince and step back in horror
Desperately wanting to walk out of
The room shrinking by the minute
They know you are claustrophobic
And so they are playing this game
The walls are closing in and your
Body seems to have frozen in time
Eyes fixated on a spot on the wall
“Don’t do this to your self, fight!”
You shake your head violently and
Shut off the voice that had been
Asking you to fight back for your life


28 thoughts on “Prisoner

    1. Yeah, I work in a school and I have seen the bullying even as young as first grade. First grade! Caught this one kid making in fun of another and when he saw me behind him, he froze. He knew what he said was wrong and was caught. I feel bad for the girl he was making in fun of behind her back. Sad isn’t it? I wonder what goes on at home.

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      1. I agree, I keep thinking about what values they are given, how do you justify such acts, forget about encouraging such behaviour but I guess all kind of humans exist.

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  1. If you could switch off the voice trying to save your life, the other voices would also definitely be having an off button. The trick is just to find it, my friend. And while you are at it, some timtams can always be used 🙂
    Take care, B 🙂

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  2. don’t mind what other’s have to say about you or to somebody….I know you’re a very sensitive soul …..what you are inside that really matters and you know yourself better than anyone else. Be strong ….much love and light to you B

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      1. welcome B! take care may our loving God will give you grace and success ! you have done a great battle hope he’ll look down on your sufferings and grant you great happiness. Have faith and everything will turn out just right. ❤


  3. The shear pointlessness of bullying is in its destructiveness. It contributes nothing, except to prove just how worthless and wasteful the people who are bullies, can truly be. Sad additions to the human race, who subtract from it with their mindless acts.

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    1. Indeed, wise words. Human Beings seem to have some terrible kinds between them. Sometimes I wonder the values these people get or are brought up with, what turns them into such beings.


  4. Sometimes I wonder what kind of upbringing cruel people had that makes them feel as though they need to break someone down in order to feel good. Everyone is to be pitied, really. It’s a sad, sad world we live in. Cruelty just seems to get perpetuated from generation to generation.

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    1. Aptly said, indeed. The people grow more cruel, more braineless and stuffed with materialism with time. The feel good is dependent on making others feeling low, which is kinda sad. Pathetic, actually. Human race is walking a very low path at an increasing speed *sigh*


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