What does it feels like dreaming?
Is it perhaps like a parallel life
Or a surreal version of our desires
I have never known

What does it feel like to not worry?
Is it perhaps like chocolates
Or thunderstorms on a sunny day
I’m starting to forget

What does it feel like to not struggle?
Is it perhaps a boring routine
Or happiness without an end
I’d like to know someday

What does it feel like to laugh freely?
Is it perhaps exhilarating
Or is it something unattainable
I wonder if anyone knows

What does it feels like to live your life?
Is it perhaps a privilege for a few
Or is it something not known
I wonder if you know?


20 thoughts on “Questions

  1. A gem. I was haunted (because the poem captures what I have so often felt), and yet consoled (because the poem captures what I have so often felt).

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  2. What does it feel like to have a life without such questions and living them for real?
    Its surely not breathing and living a framed life.
    Not possible, isn’t it?

    Its so powerful Barrira.
    I was totally into it..
    Much love. ❀

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  3. These are some really deep questions. All I know is that my days all have dreams and laughter along with worry and struggle. Days in which there is more of the first two and less of the last two are really good ones. Cheers

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  4. Dreaming is what I do in my sleep. It’s like a jumbled up rehash of past experiences, usually pleasant, but sometimes not so, depending on the content. I’ve lost the ability to dream during waking hours, and I’m glad about it. To not worry is definitely delicious, and it’s connected to not struggling, laughing freely, and NOT living my own life. It has to do with Jesus Christ being my life and he doing the living rather than me. He has the same experience as me because God is his life. This wonderful experience is going swallow up all humans eventually, so we all have something good to look forward to, no matter how much hell we go through first. If this is something you’d like to enjoy sooner than later, ask him for it. But he delivers on his schedule, not ours.


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