For The Love of Art

Art resides within each on of us
It is the calling you can’t ignore
That one voice that pushes you
Towards what you desire most
Achingly with a fire that refuses
To ever burn out inside of you
It is what makes you stand out
From how you may sing to write
Or the way your eyes light up
Playing your favourite instrument
How your hands move sketching
Perfection on papers and canvases
Or maybe it is when you travel
Places with your loved characters
It is the unique calling for everyone
That one thing which makes us
All different yet connects together
Seeing the art in each-other’s eyes
Appreciating when we see the
Efforts each individual makes to be
Honestly happy in being them-self
We must respect and encourage
All to never let their fire burn out
For the love of art and need to stay
Real in this world which is turning
Artificial by the day, lets never stop
Fighting to keep our voice alive

29 thoughts on “For The Love of Art

  1. As beautiful as art. 🙂 The only thing real, which comes from the heart is art and you depicted is perfectly! ‘It is the calling you can’t ignore, that one voice that pushes you towards what you desire most’ – I am in love with these lines and therefore hate them. Creative people like you stop dreamers like me from becoming a realist 😀
    But as you said, never seen a person far from art who is ‘honestly happy’. Your words connect incredibly. Unadulterated bliss is what I experience after reading them 🙂

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  2. Today this one seemed to be for me.. 🙂
    You know, I am new on wordpress and from the time I have started reading your blogs am afraid to miss out on your posts.

    Such lovely words and so beautifully expressed. 🙂

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  3. Art in all forms is the one thing that ties humankind together through all history. It is the window where we learn of our humanity and express ourselves in a universal language of light more powerful than any darkness that tries to extinguish the human spirit. You say it so well, you give wings to the desire in everyone to be heard through our human expression, through art.

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    1. I just feel that art is dying and that depresses me and when I say art, it’s a broad term *for me* the expression that makes us all unique, cause now it’s all about being cool, fitting in, everybody being everybody else and there is no interesting design left to admire. Art connect us all and we all have it, if only everybody could appreciate it too..

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      1. Wonderfully stated B. I agree. I think for those of us that do feel the power of human expression through the arts, it is our mission in life to teach the very few that will listen to the message and take it for their own life’s work as well. This is how art will live forever in the heart of humanity. You, dear friend, are doing that every time you publish your thoughts.

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      2. Thanks 🙂 people like you, me and all those who believe and understand how important this is, need to keep passing on the message and not give up. Art, has to go on. This world will be damaged beyond repair if art was lost..

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    1. Thank-you so much 🙂 I just find it depressing how people keep drifting away from their true self just to be able to mingle in the crowds, forgetting that individuality is important..

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