It’s one of those days again
The battle in the sky is about
To begin, the vibrating music
And howling winds seem to
Be making all the windows
And doors slam against each
Other as if screaming in fear
The gods roar and sky bursts
The battle of gods has started
As people watch in silence
Hidden in their houses under
The blankets, the sky is taken
Into shades of gray and black
Angry clouds crashing into
One another causing lights to
Lit up the sky like fire erupting
Drowning the town in white
The black cat scurries away
Running for her life scared of
The flash that destroyed its
Home with a blink of an eye
Another angry crackle by god
And a crash rattles the ground
The world looks ragged and torn
Drenched with fear but there is
An impending doom is in the air
The town holds its breath in terror
Praying for the storm to pass

51 thoughts on “Thunderstorms

  1. Beautiful poetic description of a storm. I actually enjoy thunderstorms (as long as nobody is hurt). They are so dramatic and the air is so clean afterwards. Our cat (also black) feels the same way as yours.

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  2. It is so amazing how two people can look at one thing so differently! In Israel storms are accepted, as rain isn’t something one can take for granted here. I love them. It feels like G-d is just there with me. But a nice poem you have written there.

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    1. Oh I love rains too, all the way πŸ™‚ We rarely get any, forget thunder there is barely any decent rain ever ever but I was just trying put in words how destructive and powerful nature can be.
      It is always more than welcome to drop by, I’d like some tbh :$
      Thanks πŸ™‚


  3. Enchanting! The strength of your post compared to that of the thunderstorm. A few days back I was on a bridge with a couple of friends enjoying the sudden change in weather when the imagery you painted here came alive. It was scary as hell and your words did complete justice to the wrath of nature!

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    1. I actually enjoyed it xD most people here think it’s scary which was intended lol but given that I like nature going coco once in a while, it gets boring otherwise *cough* lol

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    1. oh we don’t even have 1 decent rain in the entire year 😦 barely any winters, our seasons are:
      More Summer
      OMG I’m on a stove
      Less Summers
      Lol -_-


      1. That sounds almost like our weather. Hahahaha interestingly though, this month has been more like what winter SHOULD feel like: gloomy, rainy..It’s weird.

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