The Tragedy Queen

She traces her reflection
In the mirror gingerly
Wondering where did all
The years pass by and
All there is now left is a
Wrinkled face that holds
Stories of hope and despair
Of sadness and regrets
Of desires unfulfilled and
A part of her wishes for a
Time machine to fix things
She quietly laughs shaking
Her head at her shallow
Wishes of a perfect life
Her eyes look back at her
Numbly and a hint of pity
Telling her it was okay to
Let go of dreams sometime
A scar runs deep down her
Cheek making her wince
Remembering how she was
Brutally attacked that night
Never again was she same
Becoming the joke for others
‘Witch’ they called out and
Laughed at her miseries
She silently cried at nights
Smashing the mirrors and
Her demons with them to
Forget the one night which
Changed her life forever but
She learned to laugh at her
Own self and made jokes
About her face to survive
She smiles in the mirror
Again as memories of her
Famous ‘show’ย assault her
Thoughts inside her mind
A hidden face and jokes
About herself, she became
An instant hit in the town
The tragedy queen’ who
Neverย gave up on her life


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