Plastic Heart

Her eyes shine like diamonds
Her smile dazzles the world
Her laughter resonates in halls
But her heart is made of plastic
That’s what everyone always
Says as she walks by, with her
Pride wrapped around herself
Her head held high in disdain
For others below her status
Ruthlessly she wins over hearts
Such is her beauty but viciously
She stab through them before
Finding other ways to entertain
Herself as she quickly gets bored
A certain coldness makes you
Shiver if you stand too close to
Her and the little smile playing
On her lips gives away how she
Enjoys toying with human lives
Yet charmΒ drowns you if you
Look into her eyes and feel your
Heart ripping apart from within
You to in to her hands while you
Hopelessly want to capture her
To be yours, she is a step ahead
Weaving magic in to the air and
Taking over one human after
Another as she searches for the
One who will perish her perpetual
Hunger for power and strength


17 thoughts on “Plastic Heart

  1. This woman only thinks she is something special and by thinking that, she is not. I find if very sad that there are so many people like this in our world, I have met many and have felt that icy coldness close to them. I hope they can wake up and be real and melt that ice, if so their beauty will be far greater than it is now because it will be felt as well as seen. Lovely writing my friend, as always! πŸ™‚ Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes Michelle, people with their coldness and plastic attitude leaves you nothing but sad at the kind of lives they lead. Maybe someday they will know what they are missing out on..


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