Spread Happiness

A little smile on your face
Can make someone’s day
So cheer up for life is full
Of bumps and turns along
The twisted road you walk

Your words of hope are like
Rain on a barren land so
Write for they create happy
Rainbows in hearts of those
who hold you dear in life

Your twinkling eyes as a
Child does a magic trick
On the road corner turn
His bleak day a little brighter
So slow down it’s worth it

Your surprise gift to your
Mother on a random day
Made her smile through
Her pain as she lay in bed
So sit and share stories

Your invitation to a friend
Over a cup of tea after
Months saved your childhood
Friendship that was slipping
So laugh honestly and freely

Your world seems lighter
As you try to reach out
Realizing you had pulled
Away and they were waiting
For their happiness is youΒ 

21 thoughts on “Spread Happiness

  1. Happiness lies in little things, should find out & spread as much as we can, at the end of the day it will be our happiness indeed.Very soothing & lively poem in today’s world, while folks run after happiness without thinking it lies only in spreading. Strong words & profound thought (Y) Barrira

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  2. This is lovely, Barrira! The third stanza was just beautiful in a subtle way and as I read on, I realized the rest are as relatable. πŸ™‚ β™₯

    Liked by 2 people

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