In a world full of darkness
Some people make life easier
Just as some who make it hell
Funny though both are friends
A pat on the back from him
Makes the day less shadowed
A joke he cracked last week
Still brings a smile on my face
A 4 a.m. call for a heart to heart
Things that can’t be said in light
The trust that connected us like
Magnets finding way to each other
But just as many can ruin the day
The mocking tone to disregard
The casual disdain in tone as we
Talk about my life is a routine now
Silent and indifferent simultaneously
Like a pendulum that has no end
Friends feel like random people
Distancing is better for at the end
Of the tunnel disappointment awaits

13 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I wasnt expecting the turn to the disappointments…was actually feeling so blessed that i know a few true friends whose words soften life and engineer smiles. Thanks for thr moment of thought and appreciation


  2. Friends: I haven’t been luck enough to blessed with a good circle but the positive side is I have been lucky enough to be repeatedly stabbed in the back to be mature enough to know everything about this world can be manipulative. At the end of the day, it’s only you who can be there for yourself. Sorry if this comes as depressing or a pessimistic view but this is a harsh reality of life.
    Much love,

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  3. I really enjoyed the unexpected twist your poem made at the end! Yes, some friendships are true to the very end, and others start out bright, then unfortunately, fade away. Wonderful to cherish our faithful friends but also to learn lessons from the ones who have drifted away. Excellent reflective poetry!

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