Body shaming Wars

I write this as I read another article trying to describe the perfect body size. In the age of social media, selfies and Instagram swallowing us up like a storm, every little thing is put under scrutiny, masses are experts on what’s right and the keyboard gods sit behind their screens hiding from the world passing judgments on all, without a thought of what the end result may be. Body shaming is the new internet trend, too fat, too thin, too short, too tall and an endless list of how we objectify and degrade human beings. As many titles are made in defence of body-types, just as many bullies keep picking on people and making fun of them.

It’s depressing and infuriating that even in this age, we are still stuck in the voids of our selfish desires of validating ourselves by bringing someone else down. The human capacity to ruin others like them knows no bounds, I don’t have to quote any examples, the internet is flooded with stories of people being bullied by strangers, people siting million miles away, why? Oh because the person doesn’t falls into the ‘right body type’ as per their criteria. The immense pressure to look good, to lose weight, to have the perfect body spreads like a fire destroying anything that tries to come in its way.

So I ask you, where are we headed with this? Don’t we have enough damaged people already? In this war of labeling bodies, what is that we wish to achieve? While we all rant and rave about freedom, we rip it apart from others and in process from ourselves too.

Freedom is tinted and shadowed under our delusional definitions that provide us the luxury of stepping on toes of others, self loathing is too much of a burden to live with, don’t do that to others. Let people be, let them breathe and live. It’s easier to be part of the crowd, it’s an endless struggle to be on the other side but next time before we point and laugh at others, let us take a minute and think, if it was us on the other side instead of them and maybe, just maybe, some of us will swallow our hateful words.

22 thoughts on “Body shaming Wars

  1. This is spot-on! I can’t agree more. If I say anything more, it would be just the repetition of what you’ve so wonderfully expressed. All we can do is ask God to knock some sense into us, oh wait, He left that to the freedom of each one of us!

    Much needed post, thank you B! ❤


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  2. Everywhere in this world, every community has different mentality and society. Where I come from, the men loves women with curves and a bit chubby because they believe such woman can bring forth children. In other country, men prefer a woman with a fair skin and making fun of a darker skin. And some prefer a skinny lady as it is their term of beauty lies on small waist and small long legs like Gisele Bundchen. This is totally tiring and confusing to live in a world judging you in every way you are – too fat, too skinny, you got dark skin or fair; your legs are hairy or short, you got strange face or big nose – everything just seem wrong … Then what is really right, then? … Hmmm … :/

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      1. Long ago, when I was young, I would’ve react allergic to people commenting on my body shape or weight; in school I was bullied even for my small nose that they started to call me a mouse. Now, that I am older, life experiences changes you into someone stronger. But still, this is a struggle too; but we are trying to stay positive. And have a brave heart. 🙂


  3. Spot on. I completely agree with what you have said. And one thing is I hate these reality TV shows that try to promote skinny girls. And showing that only the skinny girls are happy and have fun!!!

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