What Matters Most

Some days are a race against time
If I run fast enough will I make it
A chaos that surrounds our lives
Is the the only way we survive
Moving on without a thought
But we all prioritize deciding what
Is the most important to us in life
People and things we create time
For they make us feel more human
I slow down to listen to the rustle
The leaves as the wind carries them
I stop to feel the air that fills voids
So much weight of the unsaid
I can hear the wind chimes around
The air playfully creating ripples
To add a mystery to the ordinary life
So I momentarily halt my routine to
relax and take in all that the world
Offers each day subtly to brighten
Our lives but only few are blessed
Enough to see beyond, making this
Life a never ending competition for
An end they may never get to see

13 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  1. Yeah…in the work-a-day world, it does seem like an endless race against time, doesn’t it. I so cherish the times that I can truly slow it down. Beautifully said, Barrira. I hope all is well there. Cheers =)

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      1. A perfect example is the Merovingian in the Matrix, existing in the modern world using old school rules (but only within the part of the environment under his control.) I sort of understand how that works, and sometimes I feel like certain patterns tend to persist in my life, ways of handling life’s scenarios.

        While focusing on those patterns, time passes on and I forget to put new stuff in my calendar on my phone. lol

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  2. Another mindful poem. The last line is like the punctuation of a poignant reminder in our daily hectic lives to look closer, take a moment longer. I live it now with very little time to do what I love to do, which is read the works of those I follow. Enjoyed this very much. *BCH* for your journey into the weekend.

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  3. we move along with time and are one with it, only we can use it wisely, I have stopped being a slave to time and am trying to live more in this present moment… it is hard but when you can do it, wow… Michelle

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