Rat race

To truly be able to breathe
Enjoying what little things
Life offers us that we take
For granted without regret
A peaceful sleep after a
Long tiring day of surviving
And the carefree laughter
At the dinner table with family
Cup of tea with an old friend
We wait till the perfect time
But as you wake up to step
Into the world that is out to get
You like monsters that haunt
You during the days, enjoying
How easily you fall into the trap
Of the rat race the world throws
You into, but you are a voluntary
Victim to this design of life as
You feel it’s necessary to live in
This pace to enjoy bigger things
But by the time you think you
Can stop to cherish, seasons
Have passed and your children
Are gone while your hair go
Gray and you mourn over death
Of times lost in abyss of sorrows

Creatures of Night

You pretend to not hear
The creatures of night
In the rustling of trees
And the howling of wind
The slightest quiver of the
Surface on which you lay
Trying to sleep desperately
Wanting to ignore any distant
Sound you may have heard
It feels like your skin is on
Fire as something slithers
Across your arm causing
You to flinch and shake
Your hand brutally but as
You try to blindly grope at
The nearest table nothing
Comes in your shaky grasp
Stumbling on your feet you
Crash against something in
The dark and you take a step
Back in fear as you hear the
Heart beat that’s not yours
The wind rattles the windows
Wanting to scream but no
Voice comes out, no matter
How hard you try and a dull
Creak of floor rings in your
Ears, a warning to run away
Buzzes in your head but
Your feet refuse to budge
Your eyes look up and there
It is looking right back at you


You should have known
Words have consequences
Before you decided to impose
That someone was a liar
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words leave wounds
Deeper than a knife can cut
Before you made fun of him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words echo in hallways
louder than a shattering glass
Before you yelled at him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words can be played with
More than keys of a piano
Before you left him hanging
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words are hauntingly more
Louder than mocking laughter
Before you called him a failure
But you didn’t

You should have known
The weight of the words can
Wound more than a gun shot
Before you called him worthless
But you didn’t …till his heart stopped


He is mesmerized by her charm
Her laughter like the tinkling of
Whispers made in secret at night
The smile seems to radiate love
As he tries to understand her life
The reasons that keep her going
Makes him wonder the strength
She carries in her petite figure
Like a magnet she is surrounded
By people who wish to know her
But those eyes hold the deepest
Secrets he wishes to know but
Nobody ever gets close enough to
Understand her as a person for
All they see is a persona, a figment
Of their dreams which is obscure
He sighs wishing if he could feel
The softness of her hair flowing
Like waves of an ocean that pull
You towards themselves but knows
He is just another number for her
He hears her footsteps approaching
His table like she does everyday
Greeting him and giving him a hug
Dazzled by her perfect features and
Her too good to be true life, wondering
If this was a castle of sand only that
She carried gracefully on her shoulders
Or was she hiding behind something

The free writing challenge – III

Another writing challenge honour, this time by the beautiful Shambhavi, as this the third time I’m doing the challenge, I will not go in to the details of the rules, you may refer to them here

My word this time: Magic

As she down next to her dad’s grave, a forlorn smile appeared on her face remembering her most cherished memories with him. She remembered her five year old self jumping up and down, clapping as her dad showed her another one of his tricks, this time the rabbit had disappeared from the hat. He would get this glint in his eyes and playful smile on his face as he bent down and ask his daughter, “ Want to see a magic trick” and she would scream and giggle in delight as he went on charming her with a million tricks.

Her father was a magician by profession and ran a children’s show at their home every day for all the neighborhood kids for a meager amount, they weren’t rich and barely managed their food but they had a happy life. Her father didn’t have a proper job because he had lost his ability to walk many years ago in a car accident, he was wheelchair-bound but she could never recall a time that she saw him unhappy instead he was the happiest man she had ever met to date, smiling and always spreading smiles.

He was her strength in every way, she learned what “courage” meant seeing her dad struggle day after day for even the smallest of tasks like drinking water but never complaining.  She always liked magical shows on television and nagged him to do some magic for her when he got home tired from work but he still sat down with her and pulled little tricks for her.  Then one day he had an accident and instead of letting it stop him, he decided to become a full time magician at home, always telling her that he secretly wanted to do this and now he had a chance to be with her all the time.

She sighed shaking her head coming back to present, he had passed away last year losing against cancer which was diagnosed in last stages. His suffering was short but he left with a smile, she wiped a small tear tricking down her cheek and got up, whispering, “Thank-you for making my life magical.”

Time: 9 minutes 45 seconds
Words: 361

Now for the nominees

1. Kirsty
2. Annie
3. Ayushi
4. Geethu
5. Jess

And the word for you guys is, “eyes”. Anybody else who is up for the challenge, please feel free to join in 🙂

Listen – I

Part I of II

Did you listen to that?
Nature is speaking to
Us in numerous ways
The air teases us with
Secrets its carrying in
The invisible layers
That are all around us
The trees and flowers
Hum songs of delight
As the sun wraps them
With love so they bloom
The seas carry with them
Laughter of children and
Stories of love they bring
To us with each crashing
Wave that touches us
And the chirping of birds
As they fly over the sky
Effortlessly their wings
Move through the air
Creating songs of hope
The colours all around
Giving life to everything
Did you listen to that?
Heart beat.. nature is alive


There is strength in waking up
Each morning giving it a chance
Not when you choose to hate the
World for tearing you apart endlessly

There is strength in loving after
Having your hear broken to pieces
Not when you close your heart to
The loved ones for mistakes of a few

There is strength in accepting your
Mistakes that might hurt others
Not when you deny turning away
Refusing to take responsibility

There is strength in going on when
You lower your child in the coffin
Not when you drift away with her
Forgetting many who need you

There is strength in living this life
Even when all purpose seems lost
Not when you stop trying to reason
Turning your life into passing days


Monday is like a bratty child
Who does everything to ruin
Your day in every possible way
It’s like the blazing sun causing
Heat strokes to get some action
The 4’o clock thoughts that you
Wish you could erase forever
It’s a reminder that some bad
Things will always stay with you
Making you want to sleep a few
Extra hours before you are to
Be dragged out of your comfort
The feeling when your older
Sibling steals away your last
Chocolate bar and laughs at you
Tastes like food that makes you
Cringe because of too much salt
As charming as the people who
Chat non stop before I have my
Morning cup of tea with extra milk
As pleasant as the high pitched
Laughter of people who make the
Walls around you rattle like coins
But it’s also the reason I’m writing
This while on my way to work
Which makes it not so bad I guess

Note: Yes! I’m sulking, my Monday sucked to hell and back meh (I wrote this around twelve hours ago)

What dreams were made of

Part I of II

He was the sky after the storm
The ray of hope at darkest night
The last bite of chocolate that
You wish would last forever
The breeze that calm the nerves
After you barely survive the day
The ice cream you devour after
Hours under a burning hot sun
The music that lulls you to sleep
The words on pages spilled in
Delightful patterns enchanting
You with its perfect patterns and
Peaceful scent closed within it
His voice moving the strings that
Keep the heart from drowning
Under the noise of the world
The sound of symphony to touch
Your soul and lose yourself in it
A smile that will move the worlds
Electrifying and adding life to
Moments captured in memories
He was all that she had wished for
Only a figment of her imagination
He was what dreams were made of

Pieces of Me

As I try to put myself together
For another day to survive
There is a burning desire to let
My pieces freely dissipate into
Nothingness just to feel peace
I sense my eyes starting a war
With my head as a dizzy spell
Takes over making the world
Feel light like a feather not
Knowing its destination to settle
I hear my heart beat slow down
Like music to my ears it makes
Me sway and I stumble around
Another piece of mine rages
I see my fingers tremble and
The faded blue and pink lines
Underneath my skin take a life
Of their own as they quarrel with
Each other trying to over power
Another not understanding one
Can’t survive long without the other
I bite my lower lip as my shaky
Fingers trace the maps on my
Arms jagged with precise points
Covering distances decorated
Each representing its own hell
I manage to clear my head to
Focus for minute perhaps before
A thunderstorm erupts behind
My ears making the world rattle
Another desperate attempt to
Gather broken pieces sewing them
Together quickly as the clock strikes
A warning of running out of time
I reach for the nearest mask and
Walk out of the door smiling to
Fool the world under starlight sky