A little more you

There is a world you hide
Beneath that skin of yours
A world that nobody notices
Where the words are lighter
And heart beat is calmer
A world which is an abstract
Mix of sorrows and joys
All woven together perfectly
Making it more real than you
The face for the appearance
The smile for the audience
The words perfectly timed
An actor’s perfected act
You perform stunningly on
Stage for the world to watch
But it’s when you are alone
In voids and spaces of time
The unsure you visibly comes
Out when nobody watches
That part of you lurking in
Shadows for you to relax
A little more you, real you
Making you more human

People Dissapoint

On this stage full of actors
Each trying to outsmart the
Another by playing their
Parts with eased perfection
Under masks of murky
Gray characters that cloud
Over your view of the world
Making it appear as dark as
The white painted hospital
Walls and as dull as the beep
Of the heart wanting to sleep
People disappoint you in
Ways that make you wonder
Make you question yourself
How deceiving and deep those
Layers of skin were wrapped
Around their faces that you
Couldn’t tell real from fake
Ones, wishing to tear off the
Intimate cocoons they hide in
Peel of one plastic layer after
Another till the backstabbers
Knives can be seen and the
Lies can be put on display
For the world to know the
Ugliness people hide behind
The perfectly crafted smiles


Somethings remain timeless
Like the love of  mother that
Knows no bounds and drifts
Between spaces and places
To forever imprint an impact
And the laughter of a child
That echoes in long hallways
Preserving their childhood
In memories that the future
Will be thankful for as years
Pass by and silence grows
How the sky feels at night
Decorated by the stars and
The clouds form shapes for
Us to remind of the infinite
Possibilities and realms that
Can be created if we dream
The subtle look between the
The two lovers as they watch
One another from a distance
In a crowd, delightfully drinking
In every movement of another
Places and people where time
Ceases to exist and all that’s
Left is captured moments


The world of surreal holds
Endless possibilities to play
Within all imaginable realms
If you can think and believe it
With a shake of my head and
Flutter of my eyes I see a red
Bird on the horizon carrying
A bag of secrets to the world
Whose door is tinted with gold
And shimmers in the sunlight
And there are gardens spread
In green and pink end to end
With rivers flowing backwards
And people running on clouds
You can even buy happiness
But it’s always in a shortage
A cat lazily talks to its owner
As they both take a stroll in
The park each day leisurely
As I see them through my
Subconscious eyes, noticing
How much freedom does this
World holds for its people as
I see the timeless watches
Show the time as the persons’
Wish to see it as and so while
Some sleep at night, others eat
Their breakfast during the day
Almost feels like parallel worlds
Running side by side peacefully
A scream rings in my ears and
I turn around to catch glimpse of
A man who is struggling to set
His new face in place which is
Refusing the new owner, while
I find this amusing, I’m pulled
Back in to my world by a friend
Who was violently shaking me as
I had drifted away from my body

A night with the demon

Sleeping with the demons tonight
We create our own music in dark
I feel it taking over slowly spreading
Itself and I welcome the feeling of
Self loathing waiting for it to consume
Me completely till we are one and the
Same dissolving into a black hole
Moving into the void as one entity
The demon wraps its arms around
Me and I gasp in pain feeling an
Electric wave crushing my bones
My skin stretches and breaks apart
As the demon peels of my skin to
Remind me of my weaknesses I
Hide behind this smiling face hoping
Nobody would know the ugliness that
Lurks beneath the shadow mocking
Me of the fool I’m for thinking that
Nobody notices the facade I maintain
I drown under the taunting voices of
The demon enjoying the little games
Pulling at my heart strings and I feel
buried under a broken heart trashed
By a few loved lost visitors long gone
I know I must come back to the world
As I start slipping away in the abyss
I forcefully open my eyes in the dark
Sorrowfully embracing the present

Games of Nature

Do you hear the world singing
The trees swaying to the tune
And the waves rhythmically
Crash against the rocks calling
To anyone who will listen to
Their symphony they play softly
As the birds chirp along adding
Ornaments to the pink cotton
Candies that spread to infinity
Above us in layers of stillness
Playing hide and seek with the
Sun that burns in anger when
The sky refuses to give it the
Rightful place it demands for
While the rain sneaks in and
Surprises them both taking over
The sky shading it in various
Grays till it start pouring on the
Ground dazzling the beings with
Its power it exudes with every
Drop that touches the ground
And delightfully I extend my hand
To feel the rain cooling my skin
Thinking about the games nature
Plays each day for its audience


The world feels too heavy
To carry on my shoulders
Mixed with the weight of
Past mistakes haunting me
While I travel away to sleep
I can’t find myself anymore
Left behind bones and flesh
Slowly decaying in the cold
As I display another plastic
Smile and laugh with you all
Fitting in just perfectly as I
Should be with you all cause
Nothing is wrong as long as
I hold my smile and close my
Heart to keep everyone away
Nobody wants a broken glass
The truth no-one wants to
accept for it’s easier that way
And we like easy, don’t we all?
I want to close my eyes and
Reach out for something solid
Reliable but all there is thin air
Barely noticeable to my eyes
I ricochet between emotions
The inside of my brain roars
In anger and the hate leaves
Scars of collected misfortunes
Making me bite off my tongue
Tasting the blood like a razor
Smeared in splatter of it’s prey
So begins the endless battle
Of demons twisting my thoughts
Into ropes made of thorns put
Together through years of life
I have learned to despise with
A passion that burns the soul

I met Happiness

We sat across each other
Sipping on a cup of tea I asked
Happiness where it was lost
It forcefully managed a smile
And barely whispered “I have
Lost my space, fading away in
This world tired of fighting all
The hate and anger people feed”
I sigh and ask softly if it would
Keep trying for my humanity’s sake
And others who desperately wanted
To see more moonlit sky and stars
More shiny eyes and kids running
Playing in fields and open spaces
It asks me why would I ask for
Such a thing don’t I see around
I gently hold its hands and smile
“Look around you there is still hope
There maybe few like me who want
Real happiness to dance across faces
To take away those tears from eyes
Those little kids who still can be
Protected and guided are our hope
Please embrace them gently and
Give them the best of yourself for
We must not give up on our kind
The fight for right must never end”
It looks back at me and shakes its
Head “Okay I will try to stay around
A little longer for those little kids
Who have a long way to go in this
And honest hard working people 
In this world of bumps and twists
You’re right we must fight together
Even if it takes sacrifices from us”
With that we share a knowing smile of
Promises and hopes knowing what
Will come our way but true living is
When we live for others honestly
Standing up against the evil no matter
What the future may hold for us

The Starlight Child

I close my eyes to see you
I pick you out in the noise
Like my favourite poem
The twinkle in your eyes
Hides secrets from the world
I can imagine your laughter
As the clouds move to stage
The performance of galaxies
You’re the words to a blank page
My three a.m cup of tea I crave
I have seen you stumbling as faces
Changed but I knew you’d climb
The ladder by yourself again
So I watched knowing you were
Growing up and I smiled because
You’re my starlight child

Giving up

Each day feels like a battle ground
Where you fight against yourself
Past mistakes try to tackle you down
The uncertain present blinds you to
Any successful road which lies ahead
You shake your head to clear thoughts
From taking over any sanity that’s left
While self doubts tighten the noose
The temptation to give in is alluring for
You as you lay down exhausted from
Bruises life has decorated on your body
On each turning of the road to every
Bridge you have crossed alone there
Have been barriers and traps set to
Make you give up and let the hollow
Demons take over to put an end to
The perennial chase game life created
You close your eyes and try to breathe
Choking when you fail to remember the
Last time your life had gone right and
A heavy realization fills you up entirely
You’ve run out of strength and hope
To keep resisting and so you let the
Demons devour you in a timeless
Sphere waiting for the clock to stop