What Matters Most

Some days are a race against time
If I run fast enough will I make it
A chaos that surrounds our lives
Is the the only way we survive
Moving on without a thought
But we all prioritize deciding what
Is the most important to us in life
People and things we create time
For they make us feel more human
I slow down to listen to the rustle
The leaves as the wind carries them
I stop to feel the air that fills voids
So much weight of the unsaid
I can hear the wind chimes around
The air playfully creating ripples
To add a mystery to the ordinary life
So I momentarily halt my routine to
relax and take in all that the world
Offers each day subtly to brighten
Our lives but only few are blessed
Enough to see beyond, making this
Life a never ending competition for
An end they may never get to see

It’s in the Wind

As I step out of the dreary
Building filled only with
Mechanized voices and
Hollow laughter of people
The outside air feels so
Fresh like a weight lifted
Off my chest and I could
Breathe openly, absorbing
the surrounding to realize
The wind carrying patrichor
I look around and a smile
Spreads on my face noticing
The slightly wet floor and
Breathtaking garden glistening
Under umbrella of water
Droplets like decorations
On my favorite Christmas tree
I inhale deeply letting the air
Fill my lungs like silent
Hope making its way to
Brighten the gloomy day
It carries peace in its waves
Subtly relaxing the spirit
Like watching a sunset after
A long tiring day at work
The birds sing songs perched
On trees creating music
And it feels that the chilly
Wind is dancing to the tune
As I hum along with them
The heart peacefully beats
Happiness is in the wind


The world of surreal holds
Endless possibilities to play
Within all imaginable realms
If you can think and believe it
With a shake of my head and
Flutter of my eyes I see a red
Bird on the horizon carrying
A bag of secrets to the world
Whose door is tinted with gold
And shimmers in the sunlight
And there are gardens spread
In green and pink end to end
With rivers flowing backwards
And people running on clouds
You can even buy happiness
But it’s always in a shortage
A cat lazily talks to its owner
As they both take a stroll in
The park each day leisurely
As I see them through my
Subconscious eyes, noticing
How much freedom does this
World holds for its people as
I see the timeless watches
Show the time as the persons’
Wish to see it as and so while
Some sleep at night, others eat
Their breakfast during the day
Almost feels like parallel worlds
Running side by side peacefully
A scream rings in my ears and
I turn around to catch glimpse of
A man who is struggling to set
His new face in place which is
Refusing the new owner, while
I find this amusing, I’m pulled
Back in to my world by a friend
Who was violently shaking me as
I had drifted away from my body

Favourite Mistake

She was the hope you
Starved for in the perpetual
Madness surrounding you
Consuming you completely
In silence you looked for her
Reaching out blindly calling
Out to her promising words
You never intended to keep
But she fell for them anyway
Deliberately stepped in a trap
You thought was smartly set
But she played along with you
Smiling to herself and you kept
Wondering what kept her happy
Never knowing that the reason
She did it all gladly was you
While it was a dark hunger you
Felt when you thought of her
She was your temporary thing
You were her favorite mistake

What dreams were made of

Part I of II

He was the sky after the storm
The ray of hope at darkest night
The last bite of chocolate that
You wish would last forever
The breeze that calm the nerves
After you barely survive the day
The ice cream you devour after
Hours under a burning hot sun
The music that lulls you to sleep
The words on pages spilled in
Delightful patterns enchanting
You with its perfect patterns and
Peaceful scent closed within it
His voice moving the strings that
Keep the heart from drowning
Under the noise of the world
The sound of symphony to touch
Your soul and lose yourself in it
A smile that will move the worlds
Electrifying and adding life to
Moments captured in memories
He was all that she had wished for
Only a figment of her imagination
He was what dreams were made of

The first kiss

She looks up at him with a fixed gaze
Her hands reach up to touch his face
Ever so slowly her fingers trace every
Freckle on his skin as if memorizing the
Patterns in a safe place of her mind

He looks down at her with a mischievous
Smile playing on his face and takes a
Long deep breathe as her delicate fingers
Explore his features with so much
Adoration that his heart seems to stop

She feels his eyes devouring her body
Perfect hue of red spreads over her cheeks
Her knees go weak and he grab her hands
Pulling her closer to him swiftly and firmly
His arms around her keep her from falling

He is pleasantly amused by the impact
He has on her while still trying to wrap
His head around the fact that she was his
So petite and fragile as a porcelain doll
Her eyes mesmerize him in her world

She keeps her hands on his chest and
Feels the warmth spread through her
Her heart beat drumming in her ears
As he leans down and ever so softly
His lips graze her ear, “Mine” he whispers

He feels her shiver against him and
As to seal his words, his lips swiftly
Find hers and the world goes still
She tastes like cinnamon and vanilla
The midnight moon and a fairy tale

She feels the world going still as
his lips remind her of her favorite
Childhood dream and how sky filled
With fireworks made her heart dance
A hopeful smile dances on her lips

Life lessons – II

I’ve seen kindness in eyes of a stranger
When they helped an elderly cross the road
I’ve felt love when a five years old
Shared his chocolate with a homeless
I’ve witnessed compassion as a nurse
Fussed over a terminal patient
I’ve watched a man weep for another
On his loss of a loved one
I’ve observed an old lady
Happily watering neighbor’s plants
I’ve exchanged peaceful silence
with a passenger on the bus
I’ve spotted an elder sibling losing
Deliberately to make his kid sister smile
I’ve found hope and heart felt joy
Seeing humanity still alive

Note:  This one’s for you swatinakshatra1 🙂