Against Bullying

Stop pointing fingers and
Laughing at anyone slightly
Fat by your standards
Bullying is a crime!

Don’t teach your kids to
Push away anybody who
Is different from them
Bullying is cruel!

Forming group against people
On the direction they bend in
Their abilities matter most
Bullying is judgmental!

Colour isn’t a definition you
Need to spend your life with
The heart’s purity counts
Bullying is ugly!

Your religion doesn’t makes you
Superior to others in anyway if
You forget humanity in  pride
Bullying is terrifying!

Preach equality to all humans
For a world we want to leave
Behind for our generations
Bullying is unacceptable!

Inside my head

There is a person who lives
Inside my head telling me
Stories over and over that
I want to erase from my mind
He starts by telling me about
Live Childhood nightmares
I lived through like running
In a circle with no way out
The times I was picked on
For I was the fat and quiet kid
Who was pushed and pulled
Because she had no way out
And the voice reminds me
Of how I used to hide in my
Room to shut out the screams
Hoping silently that the closer
Doors will stifle my suppressed
Sobs and if I tried even harder
I won’t hear what happened
On the other side of the door
A struggle ensues on the inside
I try to lock the past and throw
The key away to keep myself
From falling apart over and over
But giving up just as I always do
The voice cruelly laughs and
Throws another memory of time
I used to find solace in libraries
This whirlwind of thoughts wins
I hear the cracked walls crashing
A small plea barely escapes my lips
Before I’m swallowed by darkness