About Time

He walks over to her and smiles
She is busy scribbling away
He clears his throat and sits down
She looks up and smiles warmly

He holds her small hands in his
She seems startled by this act
He keeps looking at her quietly
She blushes under his intense gaze

He hopes she would understand
She had always been good at this
He was always short of words
She always had enough for them

He opens his mouth to speak up
She puts her hand on his mouth
He looks at her questioningly
She shakes her head in a ‘no’

He wonders what that means
She beams and leans forward
He sharply exhales surprised
She was always a step ahead

He gently seals their moment
She had been his best friend
He whispers softly “I love you
She grins “About time, you idiot*

Take a Chance

This life will escape from your grasp
That you so desperately try to control
Like a castle of sand that slips away
It will vanish without without a warning
Someone you love deeply will be gone
You will be left behind trying to recover
Remembering their pained expression
As you disdainfully rejected their words
Making you wish to reverse time and
Hug them one last time to set things right
So take a chance while you still can
Reach out and spread smiles for the
World is too full of burdens and tears
Wrap your arms around your loved ones
Tell that special someone you love them
Before life takes away your chance
Be open and courageous in your words
For a life full of bumps and bruises and
Honest tears and smiles is better than
A wishful life you spent on “what ifs