Allergic to E Challenge

Hey people!

So I was nominated by Kri (my lovely <3) and Riverdust (A sweetheart <3) to the ‘Allergic to E challenge’ , I have missed both 24 hours deadlines given by the amazing ladies and I apologize for that, not only have I missed them by a day or two, perhaps been over a week now. My apologies again, my work schedule and the summer heat are literally killing ( We hit a record highest temperature of 45 degrees yesterday). Doesn’t leaves any energy to do anything, anyhow before any more delays I still want to do this challenge, I hope it’s okay 🙂

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. Write a whole paragraph (a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
  2. By reading this you are already signed up.
  3. Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.
  4. If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.
  5. If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Drifting Away

My mind has a will of its own; it drifts to random locations on random days without informing first. So I sat down with a blank canvas today to draw out my mind as I thought it was but as I sat on my wobbly chair, I couldn’t think of any solitary visual to draw on my canvas apart from pitch black void dancing across it. Hands shook and world swam in a blur of chaos and I lost my mind in this oncoming storm.

Here are my nominations:

1. Dan (Yeah, I love you xD)
2. Naima
3. Ayushi
4. Yoshiko
5. Sulagno

Note: I know the above stated paragraph makes no sense but I shall blame it on the heat and goodluck to the nominations ^_^


Let’s create a little anarchy
Shall we?
Challenge the baseless system
Won’t you?
Question the so-called norms
Will you?
Wake up from the oppression
Why not?
Raise your voice against violence
Can’t you?
Spread message of peace for all
Would you?
Ease someone’s burdens today
Try to?
Encourage originality among others
Will you?
Use creativity to rebel in new ways
Tried to?
Create chaos through words
I dare you?
Crush the labels society creates
Join me?
Let’s make a difference today
Shall we?

Drowning the Voices

There are voices my head
Each with a different story
Of how they see the world
One shrilly talks about pain
The suffering of human kind
And how they don’t deserve
The horror inflicted upon them
The other voice scoffs at it in
Disdain and calls it naive to
Think humans deserve love
Considering the history they
Carry on their shoulders while
These two fight, the third one
Screams at them to shut up
Because of the noise they
Were making in the head and
Causing the headache to stir
Up from his seep who then
Creates a havoc in the head
Till its sore from unwanted
Pain and the voices have to
Be shunned by the pills that
Go in the system as to putting
Them to sleep and haze making
Things unclear but the voices
Refuse to listen and continue
Fighting with same high pitched
Notes over right from wrong in
The world, soon they realize the
Owner is shutting them to sleep
As some very strong chemicals
Flood through the veins leading
To the two voices to drown while
The third sits with his head down
Chuckling bitterly at the fate it
Has to suffer for the mistakes of
The rest of the voices but soon
It realizes how similar it is inside
The head as it’s outside the world
And with this last thought this
Voice is also drowned in to void

In Search

Another day of disappointment
Trying to find meaning of life
This seems like perpetual circle
Of suffering to be trapped in
The battle of good and bad goes
On endlessly while I struggle
To maintain my sanity in the pool
Surrounded by insane creatures
Greed and power rule loyalties
In today’s world honesty is rarity
As I look around I notice too many
Faces which every person has
Masks changing with every smile
All this chaos makes my head spin
For I don’t understand the world
The people viciously desire to
Harm one another as they hold
Hands and greet each other with
The fake compassion they show
It makes my head hurt and spin
Not knowing who to trust anymore
For so much of the time is now spent
Pulling the knives out of my back
And tending to wounds that refuse
To heal because they run deep and
Long like the memories leaving scars
Even if you want, you can’t forget

The World Speaks

I see you walking over me
Like you brought me into
Existence, blinded by ego
Every step that you take
Is loaded with mistakes
One after another, your
Blindness doesn’t lets you
See the destruction you
Have done to my soul
Destroying my beauties
To satisfy your hunger for
Money and power that
Perpetually goes on till
Your last breath of this life
So much of hatred burns
This world and it bleeds
Dying a little every day
But you see none of this
My breaths are shallow
And my strength is gone
My nature is going haywire
I try to maintain my strength
But your vicious human race
Will not stop till it has pulled
My plug once and for all
Forgetting that without me
You cannot last long here


Losing grasp on life slowly
Wasting away in uncertainty
The chaos inside my head
Grows with each passing
Day gripping the voice of
Sanity to silence it forever
Caught in a trap of a life
I didn’t want to be a part of
Wearing the mask of smile
Trying to keep it together
Seems to take too much of
My strength lately as I find
Myself more disorientated
The desire to escape this
Plastic life and breaking the
Chains of society’s dramas
Claws on my inside leaving
Raw bruises that burn my
Skin like a hot iron rod as
I watch in numbing horror
The unseen marks spreading
I let the wounds deepen for
At days the only thing that
Makes me feel real is the
Pain that surrounds me
I can hear the walls of my
Mind falling apart as dust
Begging me to fix things but
All I want to do is close my
Eyes and go back to a place
That exists only in the dark