In a world full of darkness
Some people make life easier
Just as some who make it hell
Funny though both are friends
A pat on the back from him
Makes the day less shadowed
A joke he cracked last week
Still brings a smile on my face
A 4 a.m. call for a heart to heart
Things that can’t be said in light
The trust that connected us like
Magnets finding way to each other
But just as many can ruin the day
The mocking tone to disregard
The casual disdain in tone as we
Talk about my life is a routine now
Silent and indifferent simultaneously
Like a pendulum that has no end
Friends feel like random people
Distancing is better for at the end
Of the tunnel disappointment awaits

In Depth

I find myself struggling
Each day to not drown
In the depth of the cold
That beats within me

The voice sounds distant
An echo oneday and next
Silent protest pulling me
In a void growing inside

It is the constant struggle
To be who I’m not within
Some days aren’t worth it
Nobody seems to be real

As life gets tougher around
The winters turn the blood
From red to blue taking over
The veins spreading chills

But didn’t I ever tell you?
I have always enjoyed the cold
The numbing of the fingers
The chattering of the soul

Feelings freezing with cold
Hope’s shallow breathing and
A smile forever lost in the mask
You missed by walking away

Missing winters

You already feel like a fleeting moment
As always I see you diminishing a little
Each day slowly and gradually fading
Into nothingness and I wince as I see
People celebrating the warmth and the
Sun shining down brightly upon us and
I look around for a place to hide myself
For my grey and white days are gone
And I will miss having the cold winds
Tickle against my cheeks till they turned
Red and how I held my cup of Chai
Hiding inside the blanket while reading
My favourite book as you wrapped the
World outside in cold layers creating the
Perfect stillness in the air as I crave for
From eating my favourite ice-cream bar
As my hands froze to drinking hot soup
In hope to warm them up I shall miss it all
So I will sit and watch the clock ticking away
Till your time comes again to meet me and
You will will wrap me in your coldness and
I will feel a little more human than the rest

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Yes! I’m a winter person through and through and the fact that winters are almost gone makes me very sad.


As the sky turned grey then black
I eagerly looked up for the rain to
Take over the earth in its charm as
A child who has a contagious smile
On his face at his first play land trip
The rain made me feel the same way
And each time, I mused to myself
The same intensity and happiness
Find its way erasing my worries albeit
Temporarily as I let the chilly winds
Sink in to my bones and petrichor
Take over my senses wrapping me
In a surreal desire for a profound
Need of dreams to find their way
As always this fresh scent leaves me
Unnerved and wanting more almost
Like a past wound which refuses to
Heal no matter how much I tend to it
Simultaneously I feel happy and sad
Knowing it soothes me and is reminder
Of freedom I leisurely take for granted
And as it dissipates into layers that
Invisibly float around me it teaches me
How fleeting is what I hold so dear