People Dissapoint

On this stage full of actors
Each trying to outsmart the
Another by playing their
Parts with eased perfection
Under masks of murky
Gray characters that cloud
Over your view of the world
Making it appear as dark as
The white painted hospital
Walls and as dull as the beep
Of the heart wanting to sleep
People disappoint you in
Ways that make you wonder
Make you question yourself
How deceiving and deep those
Layers of skin were wrapped
Around their faces that you
Couldn’t tell real from fake
Ones, wishing to tear off the
Intimate cocoons they hide in
Peel of one plastic layer after
Another till the backstabbers
Knives can be seen and the
Lies can be put on display
For the world to know the
Ugliness people hide behind
The perfectly crafted smiles

She Still Remembers

She still remembers
His first birthday party
Which they celebrated
How he had fallen and
Was rushed to hospital

She still remembers
How despite his illness
He kept smiling and
Was at top of the class
Winning every battle

She still remembers
His laughter echoing
As he ran around the
House, his footsteps
Beating on the floor

She still remembers
The countless nights
They lost sleep as
The doctors tried to
Save their son’s life

She still remembers
Each day of the five
Years they spent with
Him in fear of time
Any moment being last

She still remembers
How he smiled one
Last time before he
Closed his eyes in
Her arms forever

She still remembers
Unable to move on
Everyday she leaves
A white rose on his
Grave, his favorite’s


The clock loudly ticks away
Never stopping for anyone
There is gray cloud inside
The thoughts run frantically
Like people running for their
Lives caught in a war ground
A haywire situation where
Nothing makes sense inside
All I see is shades of black
Feels like having to breathe
Underwater and wanting it to
End but you keep struggling
Neither dying nor surviving
Stuck in the middle of nowhere
The future looks bleak while
The past looks like a mistake
The present seems distant
Being an alien to your own-self
Watching your life take turns
As it pleases to do so even when
You have no idea the road just
Might end up in a crash cause
There is no end in sight and the
Breaks seem to have failed so
You keep watching the clock
Ticking away as you lose your
Ability to keep up with what’s real
And what’s just inside your head

Listen – II

Part II of II

Did you listen to that?
Nature is crying for help
As we try to kill its voice
The muffled sobs of trees
Echo all around while you
Cut them off with gleeful
Expressions enjoying the
Act of brutality that you
Commit without a thought
Oh, a bird just tumbled on
The ground withering as
she drowns in her own
Blood and her eyes forever
Sealed with questions that
Go unanswered as you
Throw her in the bag with
Rest of them for profits
Another gun shot and a
Deer is shot dead ‘perfect’
You pat yourself happily
The air is heavy with the
Smoke and noise of your
Huge empires and trophies
Of shiny cars screeching
Destroying all in their way
while the sea tries to fight
Protecting those to whom
it is home but alas you are
The mightiest and strongest
And once again you win
The sea bleeds tears of pain
But you unstoppable human
With insatiable hunger of
Destroying everything for your
Selfish needs and desires
Do you not listen to the cries?
The barely felt heartbeat
Choked breaths, Nature is dying

The dying voice

The silence unnerves me
The inner voice I can’t hear
So exhausted dealing with
Blanket of disappointments
Choking me under its layers
Trying to keep up with waves
Of failures that crash against
My heart beating it down as
The bruised ribs protest buried
Underneath marks of past regrets
While I desperately try to wake
The voice up for it cannot die
Even when life crumbles down
I need to shake it up to get my
self preservation breathing again
Which I feel slipping away but
I can’t let anything get the best
Of me cause I haven’t come all
This way to give up just because
Someone fails to see me as a
Human rather a punching bag
They can play with as desired
Misunderstanding the silence
Echoing around as my weakness

What nightmares were made of

Part II of II

She was the calm before the storm
The ominous waves of destruction
The smoke filling up your lungs
Spreading and scarring your body
The hundred year old pale walls
With their paint chipping off and
Crumbling walls holding promises
Her voice reminds you of pain
Loaded on her tongue making you
Wince and step away in disgust
Her eyes seem to be filled with
Stories of regret and bruises you
Don’t want to waste your time on
She is a bag full of past mistakes
She has swallowed more lies than
Papers you can fill in a lifetime
Torn and twisted as her life was
She made one unforgivable mistake
She chose to fall in love with him
Her undoing was his perfection
Her end was in his silence for how
Could she ever reach for the stars
She was what nightmares are made of

In search of an escape

Running for her life
Out of breath and seeing stars
Shrubs and branches scratch her skin
But she couldn’t care less
Drops of blood leave marks on ground
She refuses to slow down
Her foot twists on the uneven surface
She falls down and screams
Covering her mouth quickly
To keep her voice down as
she hears the footsteps getting closer
Her heart beat thumping in her ears
Her breath is ragged and her clothes are torn
Her mouth tastes like metal and acrid
The ankle bone jarringly twisted
Like a fish hook gone wrong
Dragging her body to rest against a tree trunk
She flinches as she hear them approach
Silent plea escapes her lips as she looks up
Hasn’t she suffered enough?


Belching on the dinner table
his mother’s words rang in his head
“Frank, you’re an embarrassment”
He slurped loudly
attempting to drown his dead mother’s voice
she didn’t understand
nobody did, he cursed
gobbled the luscious strawberries
as fresh as the dew on the trees outside
he was a slave to his tongue
perfidious little thing it was
never satisfied
he licked his lips in disgust and savored
the slight taste of berries
still lingering
his tongue tasted of the worlds
colorful little thing it was
he reached for more that delectable wine
He couldn’t stop, he wouldn’t stop
He growled and snarled at the world
This was his ‘home’
whole and animalistic


He cries over
The wasted years
frantically digs deeper into memories
like a grasping for life
taking his last breaths
finding nothing but a void
he looks down, the hands look foreign
his hands, why are they so red and cold
his vision is blurred
yet he sees a perfect coat of red
what has he done?
his eyes flicker to a spot on the floor
Jane, refusing to move or breathe
all his efforts in vain
a requiem in his ears
his own body now hollow
like a vessel, devoid of a soul
the clock strikes 12
the perfect circle
he drowns in abyss of madness


In the midst of storm and thunder
met red and blue
with only one thing in common
desire to sin and ruse
breaking the rules
yearning for more today
than those little eye games they played
it was never enough
the sweet sin of surrender
draining each other
engulfed in the fire
they both will burn
oh but they are planets
orbiting each other
it’s natural and fatal
pieces of puzzle
coming together
He should go home
she should call him
their eyes meet
not tonight