Silver Linings

If you look hard enough
You will see the silver
Lining shimmering a little
Distance away and if you
Hang on till the right time
You can hold it in your
Grasp like a bird that was
Always yours and just
Lost its way along the path
It is in the darkest of night
A star shining so bright
And in the way she smiles
When you get back home
It’s in the pat on your back
That you got at work today
It’s in the warm arms around
Your neck of your 5 year old
But it vanishes when you
Close your eyes and all there
Is, is blackness stretched in
Perpetually all around you
You involuntary shiver under
The burden of your child’s
Wishes that you promised to
Fulfill for him and you feel
The cold in the darkness
Her hopeful eyes hauntingly
Find you even as you try to
Sleep silently reminding you
About how her eyes lighted up
At the sight of the blue house
The blankness takes away any
Silver linings you saw in day
The constant self loathing of
Failures follow you on the path
You blindly run and stumble
But the nightmare never ends
You keep running wanting to
Scream for help for them you
Keep trying but each day mixes
Into another in your mind as you
Like awake wondering how to
Be good enough for his people
A silent cry escapes your lips
You sit up desperate for escape
Choking under the pressure
Your breath falls short as you
Start seeing your silver lining
A glimpse that comes and goes
But you have seen it and that’s
Enough for you to madly reach
For the bottle of sleeping pills
To swallow till the stars gets
Brighter and the moon smaller

Creatures of Night

You pretend to not hear
The creatures of night
In the rustling of trees
And the howling of wind
The slightest quiver of the
Surface on which you lay
Trying to sleep desperately
Wanting to ignore any distant
Sound you may have heard
It feels like your skin is on
Fire as something slithers
Across your arm causing
You to flinch and shake
Your hand brutally but as
You try to blindly grope at
The nearest table nothing
Comes in your shaky grasp
Stumbling on your feet you
Crash against something in
The dark and you take a step
Back in fear as you hear the
Heart beat that’s not yours
The wind rattles the windows
Wanting to scream but no
Voice comes out, no matter
How hard you try and a dull
Creak of floor rings in your
Ears, a warning to run away
Buzzes in your head but
Your feet refuse to budge
Your eyes look up and there
It is looking right back at you


You should have known
Words have consequences
Before you decided to impose
That someone was a liar
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words leave wounds
Deeper than a knife can cut
Before you made fun of him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words echo in hallways
louder than a shattering glass
Before you yelled at him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words can be played with
More than keys of a piano
Before you left him hanging
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words are hauntingly more
Louder than mocking laughter
Before you called him a failure
But you didn’t

You should have known
The weight of the words can
Wound more than a gun shot
Before you called him worthless
But you didn’t …till his heart stopped

Rainbows and Butterflies

If life was like rainbows and butterflies
There would be happiness all around
And honest smiles on all the faces
While they carried on with their lives
The sky would twinkle with shimmer
And grounds would vibrate with dances
World would sway in harmony and peace
But little by little the chips will fall off
We will become less thankful and more
Bored of a simple life with no crossed
Roads to jump through and no decision
To trample upon others to boast victory
And so wanting more from less will
Take over and our hunger to be the first
Will lead us to choosing paths of wrongs
Destroying and creating ripples of war
We each become enemy in other’s eyes
And soon the world goes back to how
It was before; bruised and hurt by us
We secretly leech on this life while we
Lie about wanting perfection knowing
That we won’t last in an ideal world
For our hearts are too tainted for light

The Tragedy Queen

She traces her reflection
In the mirror gingerly
Wondering where did all
The years pass by and
All there is now left is a
Wrinkled face that holds
Stories of hope and despair
Of sadness and regrets
Of desires unfulfilled and
A part of her wishes for a
Time machine to fix things
She quietly laughs shaking
Her head at her shallow
Wishes of a perfect life
Her eyes look back at her
Numbly and a hint of pity
Telling her it was okay to
Let go of dreams sometime
A scar runs deep down her
Cheek making her wince
Remembering how she was
Brutally attacked that night
Never again was she same
Becoming the joke for others
‘Witch’ they called out and
Laughed at her miseries
She silently cried at nights
Smashing the mirrors and
Her demons with them to
Forget the one night which
Changed her life forever but
She learned to laugh at her
Own self and made jokes
About her face to survive
She smiles in the mirror
Again as memories of her
Famous ‘show’ assault her
Thoughts inside her mind
A hidden face and jokes
About herself, she became
An instant hit in the town
The tragedy queen’ who
Never gave up on her life


One day you are best-friends
Next day you don’t know the
Person who walked away
Smile, you aren’t alone

You got married to the perfect
Person and then the clouds
Cleared leaving behind nothing
Smile, people always change

The job was all that you wanted
Then a whirlwind of problems
You were shown the door
Smile, uncertainty is life

As a kid you had big dreams
For this little wondrous world
So many dissipated with years
Smile, we all have nightmares

Life will give you the world
Then one day pull the ground
From beneath your feet
Smile, believe it will be okay


You picked her from a crowd
For no reason your eyes chose
Her to satisfy your hunger of
Destroying anything you felt was
Lost so began your experiment
And she became your lab-rat
You fed her smiles and jokes
She fell straight for it all glowing
And you silently watched taking
Notes and wanting to turn the
Knob a notch bit more for fun
She became a priority friend
Someone important who you
Now meant the world too perhaps
She’d do anything you asked
For you were her little world
She held scarily close to herself
Time for fun you glee wickedly
You told her how important she
Was and how beautiful she made
Your world by her mere presence
Another needle pricked she bled
She fell straight for you, didn’t she?
Like an ice cream melting under sun
You were her undoing, no escape
She was your favourite subject
But you wanted some excitement
A desire raged to destroy her forever
You crafted the trap with precision
She said those three little words
Perfect‘ you cut the rope and walked
You hid in darkness watching her
Searching for you crying begging
You to come back and she wanted
Nothing from you just your forgiveness
You watched silently with joy as her
Madness transcended to depression
Her sleepless nights of regrets
Blaming herself for everything
The eyes lost their shine slowly
The smile was replaced with creases
Self hate hidden under clothes as
She seemed to get smaller by the day
This was better than you had planned
The ending of this subject “naivety

Ode to the city of lights

I have heard stories about you
My dear city from long ago but
Ever since I have opened my
Eyes to this world all I see is chaos
People tell me you used to be
Happy and embraced all kinds to
Your heart giving them a home
But now your children fight with
Each other brutally shedding blood
Of any one who believes in a
Different God condemning all
I’ve been told that the nights used
To be long and musical where
People freely roamed and danced
All I’ve encountered is fear on the
Streets and heard of hidden sins
I’ve been told that you were successful
And sexy as a sophisticated business
Man who seem to have it all in his
Control but for as long as I can
Remember your length and breadth
Weeps wounded under filth of
Rich brats and blood of innocents
My heart breaks as I meet you in words
On pages and in rusted memories
As people try to recall your tales for me
With faint smiles and lost eyes they
Speak of you as “the city of lights”

The empty space

What is love? The question I fail at
Perhaps I don’t want to know anymore
The things people do in name of love
Leave me more in pain than peace
Is it what a mother feels when she
Holds her new born for the first time?
Or is it when she puts him to sleep
Forever to end his perpetual pain?
Is it in the eyes of the man who takes
His bride home for the first time?
Or is it how he raises his hand at her
When another man touches her?
Is it defined by a boy choosing to
Stay back home over his ambitions?
Or is it when he drops them off
To old house promising his return?
Is it when a girl runs away with a guy
Because nobody understood them?
Or is it when she never shows up at
Midnight choosing her parents?
Is it when a father hugs his daughter
Letting his shirt soak in her tears?
Or is it when he teaches those men
A life lesson draped in crimson?
The shrill voice of a baby crying
In near distance helps stop my
chain of thoughts from going where
They always seem to eventually get lost
In that dark empty alley reminding me
That whatever shade love may take
It’s not meant for all