She Still Remembers

She still remembers
His first birthday party
Which they celebrated
How he had fallen and
Was rushed to hospital

She still remembers
How despite his illness
He kept smiling and
Was at top of the class
Winning every battle

She still remembers
His laughter echoing
As he ran around the
House, his footsteps
Beating on the floor

She still remembers
The countless nights
They lost sleep as
The doctors tried to
Save their son’s life

She still remembers
Each day of the five
Years they spent with
Him in fear of time
Any moment being last

She still remembers
How he smiled one
Last time before he
Closed his eyes in
Her arms forever

She still remembers
Unable to move on
Everyday she leaves
A white rose on his
Grave, his favorite’s


Darling, does the idea of
Dying instills fear in you
But why be scared of an
Entity that was always
Meant to take over your
Life as you helplessly
Watched it grow stronger
While you got weaker
The idea of sleeping for
An infinite time has for
Certain reasons always
Appealed to me in ways
Nothing else ever did or
Perhaps like all other cold
Things that make me happy
It does too, calming my soul
I embrace it happily without
Flinching away from how
The heart will freeze and
The blood will stop in vain
As it stops hearing its music
The red and blue lines that
Carry life will then slowly
Become as empty as me
Till nothing will be left to
Feel except a shell hiding
Secrets of a life that no
Longer exists on timeline
Struggles will come to halt
As peace will find its way
That I never knew before
Out of the chaos of world
And oh darling, Plath said
Dying is an art” and so
I’m sure I will master it

The Last Time

As I close my eyes to never
Find my way back to this side
You come by to say one last
Goodbye to me, will you please?
Carry a blue hydrangea and
Leave it by my side so I may
Have a blue garden to read in
Drop by our favourite memory
So I can look at them and smile
Perhaps read out parts of my
Cherished poems so I can absorb
And carry them away in your voice
Imprint my skin with a secret so
I can smile and trace the words
Knowing I took a part of you with
Me which will just be ours only
So don’t wear black and look lost
Release those butterflies instead
For you knew I had wanted this
As you walk away one last time
Do so with a smile knowing I
Was finally set free and I will
Wait for you on the other side

To be a Tree

Some days I wish I was a tree
A thick long poised stretch
From the earth to the heavens
So gracefully and steadily holding
Its ground luxuriously spreading
Its thick lustrous roots within the
Length and depths of the earth
They share a lasting love that’s
Talked about in books all over
From sandstorms to thunder both
Are eternal strength to each other
As the tree grows branching out
In all directions it’s decorated by
Feather light leaves in rich thick
Shades of greens and designs that
Nature creates from its own hands
So mesmerizing to look at that one
Stops to watch in wonder and awe
As weather and winds changes it
Adapts efficiently and effortlessly
Like an expert sailor adjusting sails
From shedding of the adornments
Storing a well inside for dusty days
It sway gently like classic piano notes
Until it can blossom its way coloring
the beloved wings in flirtatious hues
Spreading smiles and little rainbows till
The day it bleed by hands of those who
Tears apart the lovers from each other
In name of freedom and hope

Thunder and Rain

The rain pelts against the windows
Like it wanted to break in the house
Wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa
She watches this with an intensity
A strong desire to let the rain in
Perhaps it would wash away her sins
Her heart is barely beating tonight
Too burdened, too broken too lost
It has forgotten what its purpose was
Outside the thunder rages set free
From hands of who watches from above
Her eyes look up in hope of finding
Something to keep her monsters asleep
They reside within the deepest corner
Of her mind and they’ve been calling
A cold chill crawls from the heart
Spreading within slowly consuming
Every inch and curve as a man who
Finds water in desert after a week
Rain and clouds perform the orchestra
For her last moments just as she wanted
Her favorite ‘requiem’ that fits perfectly
She always had a thing for perfection
A dainty line hums its last words barely
Visible under all the marks hidden
Beneath the long sleeved blue sweater
The rain and clouds go quite outside
The silence has never felt louder

In search of an escape

Running for her life
Out of breath and seeing stars
Shrubs and branches scratch her skin
But she couldn’t care less
Drops of blood leave marks on ground
She refuses to slow down
Her foot twists on the uneven surface
She falls down and screams
Covering her mouth quickly
To keep her voice down as
she hears the footsteps getting closer
Her heart beat thumping in her ears
Her breath is ragged and her clothes are torn
Her mouth tastes like metal and acrid
The ankle bone jarringly twisted
Like a fish hook gone wrong
Dragging her body to rest against a tree trunk
She flinches as she hear them approach
Silent plea escapes her lips as she looks up
Hasn’t she suffered enough?


He cries over
The wasted years
frantically digs deeper into memories
like a grasping for life
taking his last breaths
finding nothing but a void
he looks down, the hands look foreign
his hands, why are they so red and cold
his vision is blurred
yet he sees a perfect coat of red
what has he done?
his eyes flicker to a spot on the floor
Jane, refusing to move or breathe
all his efforts in vain
a requiem in his ears
his own body now hollow
like a vessel, devoid of a soul
the clock strikes 12
the perfect circle
he drowns in abyss of madness