Detached Apathy

Another day passes by
As I go through the life
In same perpetual motion
Each day is the same till
I can’t tell yesterday apart
From tomorrow and today
From yesterday, weariness
To carry on with the mundane
A certain detached apathy
Lurks within my shadow
Invisible to the out-lookers
I wear a perfect smile and
Display the required emotions
As need be at times so life
Remains simple, eventually
Nothing requires effort
You don’t have to be there
To perform your daily chores
Or do the necessary socializing
All it takes is separating
Yourself from the body and
World and let detachment
Do the part it needs to as it’s
Easier this way and boring
Nothing is of interest and
People come and go while
I perform every relationship
As I must without feeling
Indifference for there is lack
Of depth I once craved for
And now life is much easier
For doing the do while letting
The mind and soul wander away
For peace and contenment