People Dissapoint

On this stage full of actors
Each trying to outsmart the
Another by playing their
Parts with eased perfection
Under masks of murky
Gray characters that cloud
Over your view of the world
Making it appear as dark as
The white painted hospital
Walls and as dull as the beep
Of the heart wanting to sleep
People disappoint you in
Ways that make you wonder
Make you question yourself
How deceiving and deep those
Layers of skin were wrapped
Around their faces that you
Couldn’t tell real from fake
Ones, wishing to tear off the
Intimate cocoons they hide in
Peel of one plastic layer after
Another till the backstabbers
Knives can be seen and the
Lies can be put on display
For the world to know the
Ugliness people hide behind
The perfectly crafted smiles

The rain that never came

He watches from afar
Her eyes look alive today
As she hums and prepares her tea
Strong and no sugar, please
Her words find way to his lips
He feels a slight pang in his heart
but forces himself back to the present
He watches in disbelief and awe
As she glides across her room
He smiles and knows the reason
It’s raining! Lets go out!
Come on, for me?
Above the clouds rumble
Her laughter rings in his eyes
His heart stops for a minute
And his hand frantically reach out
As an apology escapes his lips
But he had pushed her too far
His vision blurs with regrets
The grey blanket above dissolves
And the sun comes out
Mocking him of his mistakes
The sun makes me sad
Even the weather was punishing him
A defeated sigh escapes his lips
He needed to see her smile
Without you there will be no rain
His eyes find her again in distance
A forlorn expression on her face
The tea cup forgotten on the windowpane
She waits for the rain that never came


We as humans will always be disappointed by ourselves by others, the degree of disappointment may differ depending on out attachment level to a certain object (thing/person) but at some point in life every object will disappoint you because it’s natural with our never ending desires and selfish needs. We simultaneously idolize and loathe people who seem to have their shit together who also secretly do the same because they see us just as we do them. Perfected masks and all that’s holy. Only when you get to really know someone the walls crumble and look..they’re just like you blood and flesh and brains and same gazillion expectations.

So normal,  never a thought of giving but always within our own realities and realms of receiving and thus constant disappointments. At the same as we grow as individuals we look back and realize such dumb fucks we were and still are and we keep trying to please ourselves and others, trying to look for some approval. Forgetting all along who we are is what makes us special and different cause everyone has got something in them but because we prefer masks we live in the constant webs of lies we have weaved for us and others.

The vicious cycle of lives we have constructed. How then is it that anyone has the audacity to look at other with fingers pointed when…we all are just same..specks of dust and delusions.