Drowning the Voices

There are voices my head
Each with a different story
Of how they see the world
One shrilly talks about pain
The suffering of human kind
And how they don’t deserve
The horror inflicted upon them
The other voice scoffs at it in
Disdain and calls it naive to
Think humans deserve love
Considering the history they
Carry on their shoulders while
These two fight, the third one
Screams at them to shut up
Because of the noise they
Were making in the head and
Causing the headache to stir
Up from his seep who then
Creates a havoc in the head
Till its sore from unwanted
Pain and the voices have to
Be shunned by the pills that
Go in the system as to putting
Them to sleep and haze making
Things unclear but the voices
Refuse to listen and continue
Fighting with same high pitched
Notes over right from wrong in
The world, soon they realize the
Owner is shutting them to sleep
As some very strong chemicals
Flood through the veins leading
To the two voices to drown while
The third sits with his head down
Chuckling bitterly at the fate it
Has to suffer for the mistakes of
The rest of the voices but soon
It realizes how similar it is inside
The head as it’s outside the world
And with this last thought this
Voice is also drowned in to void

Break The Shackles

Learn to rise above stereotypes
Be the voice of reason in noise
Don’t let bullies stop you from
Being yourself in a plastic world
Move forward to stop the wrong
And spread hope and smiles
Fight for justice against violence
Being part of the change we all
Forget the world needs to move
Towards a better tomorrow we
All desire but refuse to stand up
Break the shackles of judgment
Bounding you to play the worldly
Part but most of all remember
To be who you are honestly, for
A world full of liars is all we got
Hidden behind friendships are
Backstabbers intending to harm
Don’t become part of this trend
Be different and spread some love
Refuse to be confined within walls
You’re more than just a statistic

Twisted Lines

As I look down at my hands
I see twisted lines messed up
Telling tales of the past and
Hiding the future within them
I wonder what meaning they
Seem to be conveying to me
They take twists and turns like
A rocky road of life I have led
I trace my fingers gingerly on
One of hands and even feel a
Few bumps that only can be
Found if looked upon carefully
To an onlooker they are deceitful
Pretty at their best as abstract
But if somebody ever sat down
To read the stories hidden in lines
I wonder if they will cringe in pain
Or wince with pity at the horror
I’m startled to hear my own chuckle
The idea of anyone stopping by for
someone’s story feels oddly wrong

Against Bullying

Stop pointing fingers and
Laughing at anyone slightly
Fat by your standards
Bullying is a crime!

Don’t teach your kids to
Push away anybody who
Is different from them
Bullying is cruel!

Forming group against people
On the direction they bend in
Their abilities matter most
Bullying is judgmental!

Colour isn’t a definition you
Need to spend your life with
The heart’s purity counts
Bullying is ugly!

Your religion doesn’t makes you
Superior to others in anyway if
You forget humanity in  pride
Bullying is terrifying!

Preach equality to all humans
For a world we want to leave
Behind for our generations
Bullying is unacceptable!


One day you are best-friends
Next day you don’t know the
Person who walked away
Smile, you aren’t alone

You got married to the perfect
Person and then the clouds
Cleared leaving behind nothing
Smile, people always change

The job was all that you wanted
Then a whirlwind of problems
You were shown the door
Smile, uncertainty is life

As a kid you had big dreams
For this little wondrous world
So many dissipated with years
Smile, we all have nightmares

Life will give you the world
Then one day pull the ground
From beneath your feet
Smile, believe it will be okay

Along the beach

I sit quietly by the sea watching the
Waves crashing against the rocks
A gentle cool breeze surrounds me
Making me feel content in that moment
The sky is the perfect grey today adding
To the serenity just as I desire it to be
Even though there are people around
I yearned to be captured perpetually
Perhaps I’ll know what peace feels like
Not carrying the world on my shoulders
I stay mesmerized by the power of sea
And a thought floats through reminding
That another week had come to an end
A thankful smile spreads on my face and
A sigh escapes my lips not believing how
Everything seemed to be just where it
Should be precisely in this instance
As if waiting for me to look up in the sky
The rain drops claim the earth just as
My eyes met those at the sky telling me
To hang on tight cause life had a lot
More to offer and take from my garden
Despite my inability to fully understand the
Message I closed my eyes devouring
The feel of cold soothing rain on my skin
Cherishing and existing as a part of nature