It would start from the toes
tingling sensation
a smile would appear on your face
the foreign feeling, unsure
you will welcome the stars and butterflies
it will sink deep into the bones
flowing in the blood, crawling under the skin
a frown will start forming at the corner of your lips
angry at the world
angry at the gods
why them? why not me
it will continue weaving the web around your heart
you will feel consumed, burned
You will want to scream and seethe
You will feel the pain tattooed on the inside
it hurts like a hundred fractured bones
You grit your teeth, you want an escape
your head throbs all the time
it makes you feel wronged
You feel cheated, you feel unloved
it has you under its spell
you are blinded by your demons
it overcomes you, you let it win
till you and Envy are same