You should have known
Words have consequences
Before you decided to impose
That someone was a liar
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words leave wounds
Deeper than a knife can cut
Before you made fun of him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words echo in hallways
louder than a shattering glass
Before you yelled at him
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words can be played with
More than keys of a piano
Before you left him hanging
But you didn’t

You should have known
Words are hauntingly more
Louder than mocking laughter
Before you called him a failure
But you didn’t

You should have known
The weight of the words can
Wound more than a gun shot
Before you called him worthless
But you didn’t …till his heart stopped


Trying to purge myself
From the sins leaving
Scars that tell tales long
Forgotten by the world
But which haunt me still
The first piece cuts off
The childhood demons
A satisfied smile rests
Upon my lips as a feeling
Of peace settles within
The second cut takes
Away guilt of trusting too
Many wrong people in
The name of naivety and
The love that didn’t exist
A deeper cut to punish
Myself for the dislike I
Feel for people because of
The masks and lies they
Wear with such ease that
Betrayal seems meaningless
When their kind is concerned
Another part is torn away
Which refuses to become
Plastic like rest of the world
And soon all that remains are
Fragments of myself that can
Be put together filling gaps
Through worldly fake pieces

Picture Perfect

She makes you wish
You could have her life
That sharp pitch laughter
The glittering eyes that
Hold the world like it’s
The key to wonders you
Could only wish to touch
Her smile lights up the
Surrounding like hope in
The darkest alleys of life
But sometimes when you
Sit down with her and look
Into her eyes they remind
You of a history lesson
That felt unreal enough to
Make you uneasy and you
Want to dig deeper to find
Out the real story that hides
In those eyes but she looks
Away too quickly each time
Shutting you out to a place
From where her life looks as
If its a master piece of an
Artist’s life time of work
An enigma you try to know
Picture perfect‘ is all that
Comes to mind watching her
While desperately wanting
To tear off the layers in her
Smile to know the real her

Unsaid words

Between laughter and words we exchange
The many smiles and jokes we share
Do you hear the words I can’t vocalize?
For every ten words I say, fifty I swallow
For every fake smile that I plaster on
I wince and dislike myself a little more
Knitting this life of lies each day and
The facade to maintain around friends
Takes a little something from me in ways
Like old walls crumbling off brick by brick
I lose my ability to talk mostly now but I
Wonder if you feel what my silence says?
For it’s not what I say that’s important
Rather what I can’t find the strength to
The invisible plea to be understood within
The crowds and madness that surrounds
Is louder than the wars between clouds
On days when thunderstorms swallows
Nations just because it has the power to
You know I play my part on the stage of life
But I hope you see beyond the appearance
There is a lot to be said but I cherish stillness
Because my silence speaks the truth that
Wont ever make way to my lips so I wait for
A sign to read what your eyes have to say