Clipped Wings

She squeals and thrashes
Against the walls that bind
Her from the freedom of life
She wants to break free
Explore the hidden secrets
The world teases her with
Oh! the great blue spread
All over like a new born’s
Blanket keeping the world
Warm and welcoming but
Sometimes it goes angry
Gray and yells at people
She wants to feel all the
Clouds floating around
Her and the wind blowing
Against her wings as she
Flies to places and lands
The thoughts of the world
Create a forlorn expression
On her face as her fate
of being caged keeps her
From exploring unknown
She angrily protests and
Waits for someone to hear
Listen to her, to free her
Still crashing her body
Against the caged walls
She desperately prays for
A sign of hope to escape
But she remembers her
Clipped wings and her head
Bows down in silent defeat