My Fluffy Friend

I feel it swoosh its tail on
My face and I mutter, half
Asleep trying to push it
away but it continues to
Irritate me till I open my
eyes and let her know that
My sleep has gone away
Little ball of fluff wakes me
Up each morning this way
Purring and snuggling closer
Making me smile, I pet her
And she meows wanting
To be pampered more like a
Spoiled little brat that she is
Refusing to go away till I agree
To feed and play with her as
Long as she wants the games
To go on but I like having her
Boss me around and so I do
Exactly which she asks for
Making us both really happy
As I hold her in my arms and
Feel her warmth and big brown
Eyes looking at me, I sense my
Worries dissipating in my mind
Like a long distant memory
So each day I leave with a smile
And she stands near the door
Watching me leave as if she
Means to say “see you soon”

Rise Again

So life hasn’t been smooth lately
Or perhaps for a long time now
Success looks like a dream lost
In infinite horizons of uncertainty
But listen carefully to your voice
You aren’t meant to accept defeat

The world is no longer confined to
Your imagination, it’s real and brutal
Throwing you off balance completely
You spend days questioning yourself
Stop looking over the closed doors
You have the courage to face life

One day in the future you will look
Back wishing to tell yourself to not
Be scared for you will not just survive
You will be rise above adversaries
This is who you were meant to be
A strong human being with a soul

In the world where individuality dies
A little every day in the rat race
You stand out for you’re more human
Believe in yourself against all odds
Many will tell you to accept failures
But hanging on to life takes strength

Stand tall because quitting isn’t for you
But remember it will not always be rainbows
Faith and handwork is an uphill struggle
And there are those who believe in you
Who wish nothing but to see your success
Knowing you will rise again like a phoenix

Note: This goes out a friend, you know who you’re 🙂

Pil Sung

As your own voice drowns out
Under the noise of the world
Pushing and pulling you to
Become one of them remember
It’s okay to shut your eyes and ears

There are rare who walk this earth
Figuring their path to that one voice
Their ‘unique calling’ only they know
Listen to that distant sound and find
You weren’t meant to be just a crowd

When people pull you down to rise
Remember you’re braver and stronger
Than those who belittle to show power
For true strength lies in standing up
And facing adversaries with a smile

On days when self doubts roar inside
Know this that the world waits for you
Not everybody is meant to travel
Mountains and find solace in silence
On peaceful nights under starry skies

On nights when dreams seem far and
Future uncertain remember you aren’t
Defined by people’s inability to see you
You aren’t just bones and mere skin
You are the guardian of your universe

Stand up and look the world in the eye
Even when you stumble and fall down
Believe in yourself to dust off failure
If you still feel lost as the sun sets
Trust the words here for they never lie

Note: This one goes out to a friend 🙂
For those who maybe unaware, ‘Pil Sung’ is a Korean word used in Marital Arts and roughly translates to ‘rising in face of challenges no matter how difficult’


I hope you make peace
With the mistake you made
And the past that still haunts you

I hope you find happiness
In shapes and colour you desire
Between times and space you need

I hope you discover your place
Without losing yourself to the world
As most become lost souls

I hope your journey is worth it
With stars and the moon
Connecting you to galaxies of fortune

I hope you experience life
In all shades available to tell tales
with sparkle in your eyes as you age

I hope you find that one person
Who makes all struggles worth it
And finds the way to your soul


If I could tell you one thing today
You stand alone and you stand tall
The world mocks, ridicules and laughs
Because they don’t know

You know darkness
You have felt more blood than love
You have been bruised and beaten
Your eyes have seen more injustice than hope
Your words have spilled all over
Scattered and torn like ashes and dreams

Your heart still keeps pumping
And your lungs inhale and exhale
Even on the darkest of days
Even when you wonder why
They know they must go on
The world needs you

Men like you
You fight for the right
You must never stop
Defying and destroying wrong
What stands in the way of life?

Don’t you know?
You’re the winters
You’re the bittersweet coffee on cold nights
You’re the strength for many
You’re the hope for more
You’re the phoenix 

If I could tell you one thing today
You will not just make it
You will own it
You will find your place
You will find your peace
Believe because I do