My Fluffy Friend

I feel it swoosh its tail on
My face and I mutter, half
Asleep trying to push it
away but it continues to
Irritate me till I open my
eyes and let her know that
My sleep has gone away
Little ball of fluff wakes me
Up each morning this way
Purring and snuggling closer
Making me smile, I pet her
And she meows wanting
To be pampered more like a
Spoiled little brat that she is
Refusing to go away till I agree
To feed and play with her as
Long as she wants the games
To go on but I like having her
Boss me around and so I do
Exactly which she asks for
Making us both really happy
As I hold her in my arms and
Feel her warmth and big brown
Eyes looking at me, I sense my
Worries dissipating in my mind
Like a long distant memory
So each day I leave with a smile
And she stands near the door
Watching me leave as if she
Means to say “see you soon”