You picked her from a crowd
For no reason your eyes chose
Her to satisfy your hunger of
Destroying anything you felt was
Lost so began your experiment
And she became your lab-rat
You fed her smiles and jokes
She fell straight for it all glowing
And you silently watched taking
Notes and wanting to turn the
Knob a notch bit more for fun
She became a priority friend
Someone important who you
Now meant the world too perhaps
She’d do anything you asked
For you were her little world
She held scarily close to herself
Time for fun you glee wickedly
You told her how important she
Was and how beautiful she made
Your world by her mere presence
Another needle pricked she bled
She fell straight for you, didn’t she?
Like an ice cream melting under sun
You were her undoing, no escape
She was your favourite subject
But you wanted some excitement
A desire raged to destroy her forever
You crafted the trap with precision
She said those three little words
Perfect‘ you cut the rope and walked
You hid in darkness watching her
Searching for you crying begging
You to come back and she wanted
Nothing from you just your forgiveness
You watched silently with joy as her
Madness transcended to depression
Her sleepless nights of regrets
Blaming herself for everything
The eyes lost their shine slowly
The smile was replaced with creases
Self hate hidden under clothes as
She seemed to get smaller by the day
This was better than you had planned
The ending of this subject “naivety


You were humans as we are
You were someone’s mother
You were someone’s child
You were  someone’s father
You were the reason of many smiles

You left without a good-bye today
Kneeling down praying for your life
In a sacred place meant to be home
You were taken away by barbarians
In name of religion they freely twist

I have nothing to offer that will fill the
Gap for those left behind in tears to
Carry the burdens of loved ones lost
But all I have is words and apologies
To let you know you aren’t alone

My religion teaches me peace and love
Those who spread darkness in name
Of paradise shall reap what they sow
I’m sorry for all who have suffered
Please believe I will stand with you

I believe in freedom of speech for all
Condemning every innocent life lost
Using words to reason as my weapon
And if raising my voice today is my sin
Willingly I shall stand and pay the price

Note: This poem is an apology note to the christian community out there.
Two explosions hit christian church today in Pakistan, as of now 14 innocent lives have been lost and 68 injured ( the condition of those injured are critical and the death toll is likely to rise).


He was her star child
she knew it when he opened his eyes
black like an endless spiral
only she will fix him, only her
He stumbled on his words
She always clapped
He never finished his food
She always cheered
He crashed into walls
She always pushed
He had a crooked smile
She didn’t care
He cried for he was an accident
She haughtily showed him of
He begged to be let go off
She couldn’t give up her trophy
He wanted freedom
She wanted him in her leash
He screamed for help
She refused the doctors
He looked centuries beyond his age
She had never asked for help
He couldn’t take it anymore
She found his body