Saving the World

You don’t need superpowers
To save the world from dying
All you need is a pure heart
That wishes to see others smile
Show compassion towards
Strangers in need of help and
Homeless who need food to
Survive through the cold night
A scared child who wants some
Clothes to protect himself from
Thunder and storm roaring in sky
Or Elderly who needs help to cross
The road for they can’t see like you
So look around and lend a hand
It will hardly take your time and
Ease others lives with heartfelt
Prayers your way cause you’d be
Their hero who saved their day

Not yours

Why do you want her?
She is trying to to find answers
You will not be able to understand
She reminds you of broken things
You had mourned over in your life
She left her heart on the road that
You will wish you never traveled
She has scars underneath her skin
You will regret knowing one day
She has lips bruised by lost love
You will wish you had kissed first
She is hidden in layers of masks that
You need a lifetime to get rid of
She finds solitude in hidden places
You will give up tying to find
She crawls into small dark alley
You want to build a home on
She is the wasted ink on pages
You desperately try to make sense of
She doesn’t wants to be saved
You can’t give up being the hero