Invincible you thought seeing them
Together they stayed like two forces
Gravitating towards each other as if
Tied together by an invisible spell
Movements synced with each other
Perfection you envied to have as theirs
Absolutely aware of the presence of
One and another they connect even
In the biggest of the crowds around
His eyes would always find her
She would always calm his heart
They were light in pitch darkness
Never giving up on another one
You could only wish to have this love
Surreal like the air carrying secrets
And orange sun-rays before dawn
Untouchable by the tainted humans
It’s them versus the world in a battle
They win with such ease that you
Wince in envy and awe but they are
Unaffected moving on victoriously
Living their lives as you watch with
Wishful heart and pained soul

In rememberance

I remember you even now
As clear as the sky above today
Our late night conversations
Giggling out loud as you tickled me
The shine in your eyes when you
Had to share some exciting news
How you hated sharing your food
Your silence when you got upset
And the ways you made me laugh
The late night movies with pop corns
Getting tired and falling asleep in
Your arms that I loved so much
The way your fingers found my
Favourite spots taking me places
Still so vividly painted in memories
I cherish and hold close to myself
A regretful sigh escapes my lips
As your thoughts rage inside me
My mind makes me feel so alone
But I know you’re happy there
So I know I will learn to live again
For your sake,  I will have to

Favourite Mistake

She was the hope you
Starved for in the perpetual
Madness surrounding you
Consuming you completely
In silence you looked for her
Reaching out blindly calling
Out to her promising words
You never intended to keep
But she fell for them anyway
Deliberately stepped in a trap
You thought was smartly set
But she played along with you
Smiling to herself and you kept
Wondering what kept her happy
Never knowing that the reason
She did it all gladly was you
While it was a dark hunger you
Felt when you thought of her
She was your temporary thing
You were her favorite mistake

I write

I write about you so
I can keep you alive
In my world to keep
The memories stored
That are slipping away
Slowly and gradually
The guilt eats me within
How could I forget what
I thought I couldn’t live
Without even for a day
But I’m learning to let go
For I see your happiness
And success in moving on
I read stories about how
Famous you are now
Have you found the one
Was my silence that heavy
Were my words too deep
I wonder still what my sin
Was that made you run
Away leaving me abandoned
With not even a word of
Explanation but I hope
You’re happy cause that’s
What matters most

About Time

He walks over to her and smiles
She is busy scribbling away
He clears his throat and sits down
She looks up and smiles warmly

He holds her small hands in his
She seems startled by this act
He keeps looking at her quietly
She blushes under his intense gaze

He hopes she would understand
She had always been good at this
He was always short of words
She always had enough for them

He opens his mouth to speak up
She puts her hand on his mouth
He looks at her questioningly
She shakes her head in a ‘no’

He wonders what that means
She beams and leans forward
He sharply exhales surprised
She was always a step ahead

He gently seals their moment
She had been his best friend
He whispers softly “I love you
She grins “About time, you idiot*

Forever His

Forever seems a long time
When you see what it means
But when you can feel it in
Your surroundings and all that
Makes you it becomes a tiny
Wonder of this spectrum we
Are part of barely noticeable
And that’s how She knew
She would be forever his
Sealed and marked her soul
Already belonged to him
Her heart ached quietly alone
In silence for like two ends
Of a road they couldn’t ever
Meet but what connected them
Could not be severed and she
Would continue waiting for him
With hope and without hope
In this life and the next one
For he could set her free

Not yours

Why do you want her?
She is trying to to find answers
You will not be able to understand
She reminds you of broken things
You had mourned over in your life
She left her heart on the road that
You will wish you never traveled
She has scars underneath her skin
You will regret knowing one day
She has lips bruised by lost love
You will wish you had kissed first
She is hidden in layers of masks that
You need a lifetime to get rid of
She finds solitude in hidden places
You will give up tying to find
She crawls into small dark alley
You want to build a home on
She is the wasted ink on pages
You desperately try to make sense of
She doesn’t wants to be saved
You can’t give up being the hero