Creatures of Night

You pretend to not hear
The creatures of night
In the rustling of trees
And the howling of wind
The slightest quiver of the
Surface on which you lay
Trying to sleep desperately
Wanting to ignore any distant
Sound you may have heard
It feels like your skin is on
Fire as something slithers
Across your arm causing
You to flinch and shake
Your hand brutally but as
You try to blindly grope at
The nearest table nothing
Comes in your shaky grasp
Stumbling on your feet you
Crash against something in
The dark and you take a step
Back in fear as you hear the
Heart beat that’s not yours
The wind rattles the windows
Wanting to scream but no
Voice comes out, no matter
How hard you try and a dull
Creak of floor rings in your
Ears, a warning to run away
Buzzes in your head but
Your feet refuse to budge
Your eyes look up and there
It is looking right back at you