What Matters Most

Some days are a race against time
If I run fast enough will I make it
A chaos that surrounds our lives
Is the the only way we survive
Moving on without a thought
But we all prioritize deciding what
Is the most important to us in life
People and things we create time
For they make us feel more human
I slow down to listen to the rustle
The leaves as the wind carries them
I stop to feel the air that fills voids
So much weight of the unsaid
I can hear the wind chimes around
The air playfully creating ripples
To add a mystery to the ordinary life
So I momentarily halt my routine to
relax and take in all that the world
Offers each day subtly to brighten
Our lives but only few are blessed
Enough to see beyond, making this
Life a never ending competition for
An end they may never get to see

Lies and Smiles

So we meet again today
Smiling and greeting at
Each other as every day
Hidden behind this mask
We wear like a veil of sins
You lie through your teeth
And I smile through your
Every word that you say
Wrapped up in fake love
I look at you the same way
Repeating this act of care
That we have weaved so
Viciously with no way out
Reducing sincerity to only
A word game between
Humans who seem lost
In their own lives as if
Perfection was suppose
To be our final destination
So alone at mid-nights
Working out how we will
Smile again the next day
Burying our hearts away
To be never found again 

The World Speaks

I see you walking over me
Like you brought me into
Existence, blinded by ego
Every step that you take
Is loaded with mistakes
One after another, your
Blindness doesn’t lets you
See the destruction you
Have done to my soul
Destroying my beauties
To satisfy your hunger for
Money and power that
Perpetually goes on till
Your last breath of this life
So much of hatred burns
This world and it bleeds
Dying a little every day
But you see none of this
My breaths are shallow
And my strength is gone
My nature is going haywire
I try to maintain my strength
But your vicious human race
Will not stop till it has pulled
My plug once and for all
Forgetting that without me
You cannot last long here

Ode to the city of lights

I have heard stories about you
My dear city from long ago but
Ever since I have opened my
Eyes to this world all I see is chaos
People tell me you used to be
Happy and embraced all kinds to
Your heart giving them a home
But now your children fight with
Each other brutally shedding blood
Of any one who believes in a
Different God condemning all
I’ve been told that the nights used
To be long and musical where
People freely roamed and danced
All I’ve encountered is fear on the
Streets and heard of hidden sins
I’ve been told that you were successful
And sexy as a sophisticated business
Man who seem to have it all in his
Control but for as long as I can
Remember your length and breadth
Weeps wounded under filth of
Rich brats and blood of innocents
My heart breaks as I meet you in words
On pages and in rusted memories
As people try to recall your tales for me
With faint smiles and lost eyes they
Speak of you as “the city of lights”

Life lessons – II

I’ve seen kindness in eyes of a stranger
When they helped an elderly cross the road
I’ve felt love when a five years old
Shared his chocolate with a homeless
I’ve witnessed compassion as a nurse
Fussed over a terminal patient
I’ve watched a man weep for another
On his loss of a loved one
I’ve observed an old lady
Happily watering neighbor’s plants
I’ve exchanged peaceful silence
with a passenger on the bus
I’ve spotted an elder sibling losing
Deliberately to make his kid sister smile
I’ve found hope and heart felt joy
Seeing humanity still alive

Note:  This one’s for you swatinakshatra1 🙂

Life lessons

How unfortunate is human race
We plot to steal others happiness
To satisfy our monsters residing within
Selfishly we steal and back bite
Proudly we disrespect and demoralize
Stamping over the weak we forget
How fragile and mortal we are
A strong wind will tear us apart
Like sand particles we will float
A smashing wave will envelope us
And we will no longer exist
Yet we are blinded by our hunger
Our greed and desires to hurt
The thrill of controlling another human
Sweeter than mellifluous lips of a lover
Makes us forget the hell that waits
Wrapped up in everything we want
On the other side of life