Rainbows and Butterflies

If life was like rainbows and butterflies
There would be happiness all around
And honest smiles on all the faces
While they carried on with their lives
The sky would twinkle with shimmer
And grounds would vibrate with dances
World would sway in harmony and peace
But little by little the chips will fall off
We will become less thankful and more
Bored of a simple life with no crossed
Roads to jump through and no decision
To trample upon others to boast victory
And so wanting more from less will
Take over and our hunger to be the first
Will lead us to choosing paths of wrongs
Destroying and creating ripples of war
We each become enemy in other’s eyes
And soon the world goes back to how
It was before; bruised and hurt by us
We secretly leech on this life while we
Lie about wanting perfection knowing
That we won’t last in an ideal world
For our hearts are too tainted for light

Hide and Seek

I told him my favorite childhood game
He looked at me with a smirk
And I melted in his smoldering gaze
He knew he’d won my heart
Now we play it all the time
I hide as he seeks and nobody knows
In bars, in pubs, in crowds,
Between friends and sunsets
We look at each other from across
and I’d bite my lip as I lick off
the last drop of wine from the glass
Like a predator devouring his hunt
His eyes breathe in my movements
Waiting patiently to claim his prey
A shiver runs down my spine
I turn to listen to our friend
And he laughs on a joke she made
His eyes find mine again
And I┬ácan’t look away from them
A smile passes between us
Our secret travels without words
Hidden beneath the clothes
We are marked to each other


He wants it
He wants it all
The little cozy cottage at top of the hill
The brand new Mercedes crossing Beverly road
The diamond sparking at Raymond’s
The shining gold crown
The opulent lifestyle
The million dollar Richard Millie
The depth of the sea
The power to control
He is consumed by a higher power
He scorns at the world
He is on a mission
He wants the world in his pocket
A maddening gleam in his eyes,
there is no turning back
He will have it all
He will show them all


In the midst of storm and thunder
met red and blue
with only one thing in common
desire to sin and ruse
breaking the rules
yearning for more today
than those little eye games they played
it was never enough
the sweet sin of surrender
draining each other
engulfed in the fire
they both will burn
oh but they are planets
orbiting each other
it’s natural and fatal
pieces of puzzle
coming together
He should go home
she should call him
their eyes meet
not tonight