Listen – II

Part II of II

Did you listen to that?
Nature is crying for help
As we try to kill its voice
The muffled sobs of trees
Echo all around while you
Cut them off with gleeful
Expressions enjoying the
Act of brutality that you
Commit without a thought
Oh, a bird just tumbled on
The ground withering as
she drowns in her own
Blood and her eyes forever
Sealed with questions that
Go unanswered as you
Throw her in the bag with
Rest of them for profits
Another gun shot and a
Deer is shot dead ‘perfect’
You pat yourself happily
The air is heavy with the
Smoke and noise of your
Huge empires and trophies
Of shiny cars screeching
Destroying all in their way
while the sea tries to fight
Protecting those to whom
it is home but alas you are
The mightiest and strongest
And once again you win
The sea bleeds tears of pain
But you unstoppable human
With insatiable hunger of
Destroying everything for your
Selfish needs and desires
Do you not listen to the cries?
The barely felt heartbeat
Choked breaths, Nature is dying

Listen – I

Part I of II

Did you listen to that?
Nature is speaking to
Us in numerous ways
The air teases us with
Secrets its carrying in
The invisible layers
That are all around us
The trees and flowers
Hum songs of delight
As the sun wraps them
With love so they bloom
The seas carry with them
Laughter of children and
Stories of love they bring
To us with each crashing
Wave that touches us
And the chirping of birds
As they fly over the sky
Effortlessly their wings
Move through the air
Creating songs of hope
The colours all around
Giving life to everything
Did you listen to that?
Heart beat.. nature is alive