My eyes found you that one day
You were with friends at a bar
Seated two tables away laughing
At some joke your friend just
Made and I couldn’t tear my eyes
Off you so I kept watching your
Every move that your body made
Almost like you were swaying to
The sound of jazz that played
Slightly leaning forward you picked
Up that drink and put it to your lips
As slowly you keep the glass down
You lick your lower lip lightly and I
Groan inwardly trying to look away
But I couldn’t stop staring at the
Perfectly shaped lips and those
Flawless hands that looked like
They had been sculptured by the
Finest artist out there with love and
Passion that you can only dream of
You whisper something to the girl
Sitting next to you and you both
Seem to share a mischievous smile
Your eyes hold a spark and with
Horror I realized how I wished it was
Me next to you as you took me on
Transcendence experience showing
Stars and galaxies from a place afar
A sigh escaped my lips as I observed
How your fingers seemed to frisk over
Her kneeĀ length aqua silk frock so
Smoothly that no one seemed to notice
Till you loudly asked her out for a walk
I wince as I remember her giggle in my
Head when you walked away with her
So unaware of how you had become a
A forever etched portrait inside my mind
Which I failed to get rid of from that day
Surrounded by your aura I try to escape
Today again by capturing you in words


In the midst of storm and thunder
met red and blue
with only one thing in common
desire to sin and ruse
breaking the rules
yearning for more today
than those little eye games they played
it was never enough
the sweet sin of surrender
draining each other
engulfed in the fire
they both will burn
oh but they are planets
orbiting each other
it’s natural and fatal
pieces of puzzle
coming together
He should go home
she should call him
their eyes meet
not tonight