I wonder

I wonder what you were thinking
When those lines formed on your
Forehead in concentration while
You worked over and over trying to
Create perfection in all that you did
Oh love, nothing can be perfect

I wonder what you’d taste like
Under a grey sky and blue trees
As the butterflies flew over us
And the river flowed to the music
And a smile to make stars swoon
Oh love, don’t you wonder to

I wonder what’s happiness for you
Is it when you accomplish your goals
Or is it the midnight silence you cherish
Is it somebody who makes the world
You live in brighter and better for you
Oh love, for it certainly wasn’t me

I wonder what’s life like without me
Does the sun shines brighter now
Has success found it’s way to you
With no one to tilt the balance anymore
Writing words causing you to cringe
Oh love, I hope it’s all you wanted

I wonder if you wonder about me
Like I do in the middle of the night
In silence between conversations
In spaces between words written
In every heartfelt prayer and wish
oh love, for I hope you’re in peace

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