The misfit

The constant struggle to fit in
With the normal people wears
Me down by end of each day
Not finding my place between
The fake giggles and high pitched
Laughter erupting from the vocals
I watch in confusion wondering if
They all could see how useless
These masks were which they
Carefully crafted to hide their real
Faces behind an imaginary deceit
They think no-one notices but it
Makes me wince seeing those ugly
Lines stretched too far for too long
They push me to laugh a little harder
For after-all my silence scares them
They throw me between each other
Trying to drill holes in me to extract
A few more gossips in hope to kill
Time they can’t seem to get rid off
But I have nothing to offer so I sit
Unmoved with a blank stare and a
Dazzling smile I have reserved to keep
Them at bay from ripping me apart
If they get too near they would know
I’m real and what they see isn’t a mask
I wear to fool the world to fall in love
With me rather I’m the quiet dark soul
Swimming behind that flawless smile
Bored when they find me so empty
They ask me for my opinion about
His new shoes then tell me I need to
Be softer in my choice of words being
Too honest can turn off people they
Mock me in a sweet tone trying to hide
Their disdain and I smile ruefully not
Saying anything back au contraire I’m
Exhausted with the meaningless chats
All these dramas and lies around me
Are to be eaten casually over lunch
Just like any other day this also ends
In me on this side and them across the
Hall waiting to pick me apart like a doll