Monday is like a bratty child
Who does everything to ruin
Your day in every possible way
It’s like the blazing sun causing
Heat strokes to get some action
The 4’o clock thoughts that you
Wish you could erase forever
It’s a reminder that some bad
Things will always stay with you
Making you want to sleep a few
Extra hours before you are to
Be dragged out of your comfort
The feeling when your older
Sibling steals away your last
Chocolate bar and laughs at you
Tastes like food that makes you
Cringe because of too much salt
As charming as the people who
Chat non stop before I have my
Morning cup of tea with extra milk
As pleasant as the high pitched
Laughter of people who make the
Walls around you rattle like coins
But it’s also the reason I’m writing
This while on my way to work
Which makes it not so bad I guess

Note: Yes! I’m sulking, my Monday sucked to hell and back meh (I wrote this around twelve hours ago)