In this hustle bustle of life
Slow down a little to feel
All the things you ignore
As you rush through it all

Stop to see with your heart
The hope in the eyes of your
Child who you just gave a pat
He wants to make you proud
But you never have time and
He falls asleep each night
Waiting for his dad to be home

Did you listen with your mind
The unsaid words she pushed
Down her throat as you quickly
Gulped down your breakfast
Trying to be not late to work as
She waits for the birthday wish
She knows you always forget

Have you tried to smell the tears
Your aging mother quietly hides
Or you just find her old fashioned
Ignoring the voice telling you to
Stop hurting her before it’s too late
Making you wish you were a better
Son who was there for his mom

You can touch with your smile
The life of those children who
You generously donate to for
Better business image and profits
But have no time to even visit
And see those little children who
Just want to hug and thank-you

Look up and taste the air around you
Reminding you of fragility of life
As it holds blood of innocents and
Cries of the silenced victims who
Never got a chance to live their lives
The air holds finality of last moments
For countless souls whose time was up

So be thankful for the life as it may not
Be there tomorrow, so embrace and
Feel while you can for life isn’t eternal
Don’t wait till all you have is regrets

Being lost

Walking an infinite road
With no end in near sight
Losing hope by the day
Road full of bumps and falls
So long now without a break
Wondering if there will ever
Be any relief from this battle
Against time I float like a
Nobody who has no idea how
To fix things gone so wrong
The darkness surrounds telling
Stories of horror and despair
Created by faults in this life
Choices that are nightmares
And people who are strangers
Being someone not understood
Who has tried and failed in her
Eyes that hold stories untold
And heart that desires escape
From the prison of life showing
That nothing seems to go right
In the ocean of blue misfortunes
Being Lost and sinking down
As a dead weight with no way out

What dreams were made of

Part I of II

He was the sky after the storm
The ray of hope at darkest night
The last bite of chocolate that
You wish would last forever
The breeze that calm the nerves
After you barely survive the day
The ice cream you devour after
Hours under a burning hot sun
The music that lulls you to sleep
The words on pages spilled in
Delightful patterns enchanting
You with its perfect patterns and
Peaceful scent closed within it
His voice moving the strings that
Keep the heart from drowning
Under the noise of the world
The sound of symphony to touch
Your soul and lose yourself in it
A smile that will move the worlds
Electrifying and adding life to
Moments captured in memories
He was all that she had wished for
Only a figment of her imagination
He was what dreams were made of

Imagine a World

Imagine a world
Where we all were free to
Be who we wanted to be
The freedom to be yourself
I don’t know how that feels

Imagine a world
Where we didn’t kill to
Reinforce our power over
The weaker opponents
I don’t know what peace is

Imagine a world
Where parents encouraged
Their kids to live their dreams
Not molding them to their like
I don’t know a free childhood

Imagine a world
Where equal rights weren’t
Just talked about but practiced
And people were happy
I don’t know true happiness

Imagine a world
Where pain isn’t inflicted
Purposely on others rather
People choose to be thoughtful
I don’t know if we can

Imagine a world
Where hope and happiness
Still held meaning for us
In little things that we did
I don’t know either

Can we get humanity back?

The Starlight Child

I close my eyes to see you
I pick you out in the noise
Like my favourite poem
The twinkle in your eyes
Hides secrets from the world
I can imagine your laughter
As the clouds move to stage
The performance of galaxies
You’re the words to a blank page
My three a.m cup of tea I crave
I have seen you stumbling as faces
Changed but I knew you’d climb
The ladder by yourself again
So I watched knowing you were
Growing up and I smiled because
You’re my starlight child

I question, do you?

Why does a woman have to
Justify when she steps out
Of the home to make a living?
I question, do you?

Why is it okay for a man to cheat
On his wife and gloat? And the
Woman should forgive it all
I question, do you?

Why do men have to hide their
Emotions behind cruelty and anger?
Being emotional is being less of a man
I question, do you?

How does a thirteen year old
Provoke a forty year old to rape?
And the world sleeps at night
I question, do you?

How is marriage mandatory for
A happy life one wants to have?
Why can’t you choose otherwise
I question, do you?

Which religion promotes killing of
Innocent in name of peace and hope?
Will this society ever rise above it
I question, do you?

When will we accept humans for
Who they are and stop labeling them?
Pushing them to point of suicides
I question, do you?

Note:  These issues are specifically pointed towards the society I’m part of and the fact how openly they’re practiced and nobody seems to be bothered by them.


Of all the rainbows out there ‘blue
Is the colour of the infinite sky that
Within it holds so many secrets
In layers of stardust and hope that
Keeps it afloat above us magically
It is the shade of strength crashing
Against rocks silently leaving its
Marks teaching us a lesson of
resilience and strength at all times
It is the ink with which pages are
Decorated delicately to tell stories
It reminds me of my Hydrangeas
Bathed in shawl of shades of tranquil
Air that help me breathe and relax
That mesmerizing butterfly that flutters
In the garden each day from one
Flower to another dancing to the
Music the trees and air seem to play
But most of all it’s the silver lining
That runs right under my skin quietly
Powerfully for this barely noticeable
Alive thread holds my life in its leash

Take a Chance

This life will escape from your grasp
That you so desperately try to control
Like a castle of sand that slips away
It will vanish without without a warning
Someone you love deeply will be gone
You will be left behind trying to recover
Remembering their pained expression
As you disdainfully rejected their words
Making you wish to reverse time and
Hug them one last time to set things right
So take a chance while you still can
Reach out and spread smiles for the
World is too full of burdens and tears
Wrap your arms around your loved ones
Tell that special someone you love them
Before life takes away your chance
Be open and courageous in your words
For a life full of bumps and bruises and
Honest tears and smiles is better than
A wishful life you spent on “what ifs


Note: This poem contains abusive language

The feeling is almost lethal tonight
A fire starts destroying all emotions
Taking up every empty space within
‘Bastard’ the dark clouds are raging
My hands tremble and the world spins
The body of a bloodied infant flashes
In front of my eyes mocking my soul
‘Assholes’ the glass shatters on the floor
The screams of a mother echo around
Tearing my heart like a hungry animal
‘Bitch’ I cringe as my knuckles crack
Tears of bruised five year old so clear
Like a vivid painting etched in my mind
Humanity is as rare as true happiness
‘Fuc*ers’ the floor decorates in crimson
His pleas to the butchers still resonate
The walls oddly remind me of coffins
3:00 a.m. regrets and despair drown me
The world looks so dark and burdened
With all the glorified tales that media
Shoves down our throats for profits
I wince unsure of the pain I go through
Tonight I bleed to strangle the voice of
My soul, gnawing at my skin pointing
How brutally self centered my life is

Missing winters

You already feel like a fleeting moment
As always I see you diminishing a little
Each day slowly and gradually fading
Into nothingness and I wince as I see
People celebrating the warmth and the
Sun shining down brightly upon us and
I look around for a place to hide myself
For my grey and white days are gone
And I will miss having the cold winds
Tickle against my cheeks till they turned
Red and how I held my cup of Chai
Hiding inside the blanket while reading
My favourite book as you wrapped the
World outside in cold layers creating the
Perfect stillness in the air as I crave for
From eating my favourite ice-cream bar
As my hands froze to drinking hot soup
In hope to warm them up I shall miss it all
So I will sit and watch the clock ticking away
Till your time comes again to meet me and
You will will wrap me in your coldness and
I will feel a little more human than the rest

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Yes! I’m a winter person through and through and the fact that winters are almost gone makes me very sad.