He is mesmerized by her charm
Her laughter like the tinkling of
Whispers made in secret at night
The smile seems to radiate love
As he tries to understand her life
The reasons that keep her going
Makes him wonder the strength
She carries in her petite figure
Like a magnet she is surrounded
By people who wish to know her
But those eyes hold the deepest
Secrets he wishes to know but
Nobody ever gets close enough to
Understand her as a person for
All they see is a persona, a figment
Of their dreams which is obscure
He sighs wishing if he could feel
The softness of her hair flowing
Like waves of an ocean that pull
You towards themselves but knows
He is just another number for her
He hears her footsteps approaching
His table like she does everyday
Greeting him and giving him a hug
Dazzled by her perfect features and
Her too good to be true life, wondering
If this was a castle of sand only that
She carried gracefully on her shoulders
Or was she hiding behind something