In Grief

I can’t imagine the pain
You must be going though
Of losing your loved ones
As the world recklessly
Moved and threw you off
Balance while taking away
So much of what you must
Have built with love and time
The children you have lost
With innocence in their eyes
And families ripped apart
Forever without last goodbyes
Dear Nepal, please know
The world weeps with you
For your losses and damage
Know the wounds are fresh
But they will heal with time
And you will not have to go
Through this grief alone
Our hearts bleed in pain
With you all for we have
Been there and seen the
Havoc nature can play as
It losses its mind and decides
To kill a few for its hunger
We will do what we can to
Help in any possible way
As I sit here and write these
Words I feel my heart beat
Coil in horror and fear of
What it must have felt when
Your world spun out of control
I promise to do what I can
To make a difference to any
Life possible in any way I can
So I have penned some words
Down to let you know that
You aren’t alone in this battle
Of surviving this nightmare

This poem is dedicated to the people of Nepal who are going through a crisis after a 7.8 magnitude earth quake struck their country. As mentioned in the poem above, we as a country had suffered a similar destruction back in 2005, when a 7.6 magnitude of earth quake shattered Northern Pakistan and the shock was felt by near by cities as well, it killed over 75,000 people and to date 3.5 million people are displaced.

My prayers go out to the people suffering and in pain, this can be a long struggle to recover out of, if nothing else we all should remember to pray for these people and support them in whatever way we can.