Thunder and Rain

The rain pelts against the windows
Like it wanted to break in the house
Wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa
She watches this with an intensity
A strong desire to let the rain in
Perhaps it would wash away her sins
Her heart is barely beating tonight
Too burdened, too broken too lost
It has forgotten what its purpose was
Outside the thunder rages set free
From hands of who watches from above
Her eyes look up in hope of finding
Something to keep her monsters asleep
They reside within the deepest corner
Of her mind and they’ve been calling
A cold chill crawls from the heart
Spreading within slowly consuming
Every inch and curve as a man who
Finds water in desert after a week
Rain and clouds perform the orchestra
For her last moments just as she wanted
Her favorite ‘requiem’ that fits perfectly
She always had a thing for perfection
A dainty line hums its last words barely
Visible under all the marks hidden
Beneath the long sleeved blue sweater
The rain and clouds go quite outside
The silence has never felt louder