It’s one of those days again
The battle in the sky is about
To begin, the vibrating music
And howling winds seem to
Be making all the windows
And doors slam against each
Other as if screaming in fear
The gods roar and sky bursts
The battle of gods has started
As people watch in silence
Hidden in their houses under
The blankets, the sky is taken
Into shades of gray and black
Angry clouds crashing into
One another causing lights to
Lit up the sky like fire erupting
Drowning the town in white
The black cat scurries away
Running for her life scared of
The flash that destroyed its
Home with a blink of an eye
Another angry crackle by god
And a crash rattles the ground
The world looks ragged and torn
Drenched with fear but there is
An impending doom is in the air
The town holds its breath in terror
Praying for the storm to pass

Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with life
So much of it is wasted away
Look beyond the rat race you
Have joined brain washed by
The world believing that for a
Fulfilling life more is necessary
Constantly struggling to win
Surround yourself with music
Listen to the peace it brings to
The unease of your heart within
Your soul magically taking over
Like finding your way back home
Surround yourself with hope
So that you may find more reasons
To smile in this life slipping away a
Little with each minute of the clock
Even when you stumble hold on
Resilience will take you a long way
Surround yourself with love
All may fail but a warm hug will
Make you survive another day
At the lowest where all doors close
Those arms will make you survive

Games of Nature

Do you hear the world singing
The trees swaying to the tune
And the waves rhythmically
Crash against the rocks calling
To anyone who will listen to
Their symphony they play softly
As the birds chirp along adding
Ornaments to the pink cotton
Candies that spread to infinity
Above us in layers of stillness
Playing hide and seek with the
Sun that burns in anger when
The sky refuses to give it the
Rightful place it demands for
While the rain sneaks in and
Surprises them both taking over
The sky shading it in various
Grays till it start pouring on the
Ground dazzling the beings with
Its power it exudes with every
Drop that touches the ground
And delightfully I extend my hand
To feel the rain cooling my skin
Thinking about the games nature
Plays each day for its audience

Perpetual depression

I drink from the endless pit
Of the perpetual depression
Made from tears of silence
Two spoons of regrets and
A cup of anger buried away
With a pinch of added despair
And a tablespoon of mistakes
It tastes like cigarette smoke
And burned ashes of dreams
I feel the liquid spreading within
Burning my lungs like a fire
Enveloping a forest claiming
Everything that stands in its way
I fall short of breaths and vision
Clouded by the smoke of past
To escape I need to stop drinking
but as everybody else I too am
Addicted to my chosen destruction